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  1. MaiKAimer

    Permanent Camos! (For Tier VII-Xs)

    Well strictly speaking this is not P2W, but you know what WG, with combination to the service reduction flag(I am pretty sure people have lots of them) this is a 60% percent reduction in repair costs which is 108K, even without premium good players can now use tier X as a credit farmer, which makes people without them RIDICULOUSLY PAINFUL TO PLAY TIER X ship, I mean it is not P2W, but I would call it a Pay to Win. Even a number say 35% is way better than this crazy 50% reduction.
  2. MaiKAimer

    "Try your luck" container rename

    Nonononono, I got 3*250 Damage Control Party II and including the one gifted in the update 0.5.13 I have almost 1k of them still left in my dock, I would get really pissed if I get another one before using up at least 500 of them. (I know it worth like 22.5M credits but man playing 1000 battles, uh not until ages)
  3. MaiKAimer

    Perth, has radar, at tier 6

    All super-testers live a life of illusion until the dream(test) puffs
  4. MaiKAimer

    Contest Discussion

    No one achieved in the Ténacité contest lololololol, WG maybe you can create some contests giving out the Drunkerque
  5. MaiKAimer

    0.5.12 Flight Control Modification 2 Bug

    Two patches past and not even one single explanation to this problem? Neither on the forum nor on patch notes, I even sent two consecutive tickets and received no valid reply as 'developers are yet to look into the issue'. I really hoped that was a display issue so I can actually put my Midway into battle, btw I ain't going to sell my upgrade as it wastes 1.5m credits. I understand solving this takes some time but please clarify the nature of this problem: display or potentially gameplay affecting.
  6. MaiKAimer

    torping yourself

    The blue-line bug comebacks lololol
  7. MaiKAimer

    Ship sinked by 0 hit

    Well you hit the water and the splash detonates the magazines kek~
  8. MaiKAimer

    Shima-tan better or Kagerou?

    I voted for shima-tan because of nothing but she has no sisters sad for her.
  9. MaiKAimer


    Kiev was but not that scary anymore since it has even less HP than it's predecessor Ognevoi now. To play her effectively you act like a cruiser, supporting allied battleships and cruisers. If you want to help DD to cap make sure there are at least allied cruiser nearby. Do NOT solo cap. Yes you have 45+ knots with engine boost but you 9 Km detection range is insanely dangerous for you.
  10. MaiKAimer

    Contest Discussion

    Ehhhhh, highest potential DMG contest?
  11. Somehow if you select English client all other Asian languages are not able to display. I sent a ticket and WG said it's not solvable to a coding problem which is unbelievably ridiculous.
  12. Yes, this is so hilarious, I am a native Chinese speaker but always ironically unable to read block-like Chinese in such stupid English client
  13. MaiKAimer

    ST Recruitment Round 4 Questions Thread

    I have lots of spare time and would like to participate in the ST, but not most of the time I would be available: Is there a minimum requirement of activity(availability) per week or month and if so what is it?
  14. Issue: Flight Control Modification2 does not provide speed boost as stated to my USS Midway Ship: X Midway; Can potentially affect ALL tier IX-X aircraft carriers. Map: Port. Occurrences: Always in port even restarting and with game integrity checked. Training room is unavailable so no repetitive testing and credit shortage does not allow me to test in actual battle. Tested: The only ships allowed to mount Fight Control Mod 2 are the IX-X CVs and the only one I have is Midway. Severity: 10/10. I am not joking, this only affects tier IX and X CV players and you know how expensive those ships are to play, this bug being at the most important slot of highest tier ship module is quite bad. Details: After patching to my Midway with Fight Control Modification 2 Mounted (+5% to aircraft cruising speed), all my planes are still at its original speed, i.e. fighters F8F 181kts, torpedo bomber XSB2D 151kts and dive bombers XBTK-1 156kts, where it SHOULD BE 190kts, 159kts and 164kts respectively. Cannot actually tell in actual battle, anyway this bug can be quite performance affecting so I did not dare putting my Midway into battle until the problem is fixed. Screenshot Attached.
  15. As a matter of fact this is no so true in this game. Sure I agree that Iowa or even North Carolina class is comparable to Yamato in REAL-LIFE situation due to its radar system, BUT~ the absense of advanced radar auxiliary of YAMATO does not affect Yamato's ability in game at all whatsoever according to the in game mechanism they both have similar Max dispersion hence the accuracy is similar, chance to citadel is big and precision is purely decided by a player's skill. Therefore I thought there is no point making assumptions on their real life capabilities.