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  1. And WG didn't give any answer to this BUG after so many days. We pay to use HSF voiceover mod but when it got trouble no one care us and give any attention. I can't stop thinking that isn't this a kind of businese fraudulent conduct? Hope WG could Fix this bug as soon as they can, If not, WG will do hurt many OTAKU players.
  2. In the new patch the HSF and ARP Voiceover mod can't work rightly. Please fix it. After all, U can use HSF voiceover mod only by buying premium ship, in other words, we could say, we PAY to use the HSF voiceover mod.
  3. 同意。HSF的語音尤其該修復。如果WG實在要用與ARP活動結束為藉口就算了,但是HSF金船可是消費者花錢買的,說的不好聽就是花錢買的語音,現在一個版本直接讓語音作廢,就是欺詐。