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  1. the america CV fighter plane squad which each of the have 6 planes while the japan only have 4 plane on each squad they got easily taken out by the american, if only the japanese CV have 6 planes now that would be balance. if u played using japan CV u will notice the difference between japan and american CV
  2. blackopsships4

    Ship ID help?

    i need more screenshots 1 won't cut it there's 2 main batteries in front and i think i see torpedo tubes?
  3. blackopsships4

    Ship ID help?

    Scharnhorst german BB <3 on retia's
  4. how da hell am i suppose to know that

  5. blackopsships4

    Search lights

    i heard it will be inplemented because it has the storm trailer from E3 2014 the battle will conduct at night + with storm? i don't know about the storm part but it just might be implemented
  6. blackopsships4

    Introducing anchors

    mother of god 250.000 credits? let's reduced it for a bit now around 150k?
  7. blackopsships4

    stormy game as a hardcore game

    well what do you know there's planes flying around in a storm, the one i notice is : 1. the CV can join the mode 2. there's battleships, cruisers, destroyers? (i don't know if destroyer will be in the mode because the ship is small... u know what i mean) 3. night battle
  8. blackopsships4

    Strange warning icon appear

    i thought it was for the mission not available for the ship ur using