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  1. OP sorry to say but this diagram is flawed. If you tried to readjust your planes that sharply they will dance in the air for a few seconds before trying to drop. This game does not let you instant turn your planes unless a glitch happens.
  2. Numbah18

    Something needs to be done with the carriers

    Sorry to just jump in like this but I can't let this one slide. This old debate huh Have you seen a noob CV player in game? I have and they've hardly been able to hit anything except for when they play IJN and just spam torps, same could be said for DD or CL spamming HE. So you like checking peoples stats huh. Do those stats tell you how they attacked there target or what the person being attacked did? Do they tell you how much the person under attack tried to dodge or how many planes they shot down? My guess would be no. If you want to know the downside of CV I'll give you a bit of a list. Being on fire makes it where you can't launch or recover planes so you have to use what is in the air at the moment and hope the fire is put out and not relit. It is very hard to defend yourself from DD or any ship that gets decently close, once again HE swings in as most people will try to burn you, some from long range. Cruiser, FT, and FT floatplanes will widen your spread making it impossible to hit people who are tunnel visioned or afk with more then two torps. Cruiser AA ability also doubles the damage there AA guns do. Due to the process of landing your planes reloading them and launching them again you have a max of 10 or 12 attacks in a 20 min match unless you get really close and have a Captain skill can't say about IJN CV on this though. Depending on what nation you play, what nation the enemy CV is, and what tier the enemy CV is you could be almost useless for the entire match. Your planes are essentially your life-bar if you run out of planes you can only Cap a point, Use your AA to shield your team, or ram an enemy ship. Groups of ships with decent AA will either completely kill all of your planes before you can attack or wipe out most of them. AA gets better and better the high tier you go. Hitting with DB requires luck and the only real thing they are good for is to start fires. Any player that gives even a slight thought to your attack will prioritize your TB with there AA which will also from what I have heard sick the FT floatplane on them. Your planes are visible 8 or 9 KM out and every ship on the enemy team will get a little arrow pointing in the direction of your squad and can check there mini map to know exactly where they are and what type they are. You can also hold alt to see how far out those planes are. IJN TB damage does not increase at all While US TB get a bit of an increase every other tier until you get to the Ranger. TB on the Ranger and up don't increase in damage at all while ship health armor ect continually increases, DB damage doesn't increase either. TB damage is based on where you hit the enemy ship according to the devs and damage can be reduced by 50%. IJN DB damage does not increase at all to. CV also have some of the largest turning circles and slowest rudder-shifts of any class in the game.
  3. Numbah18

    Hybrids CVs

    You mean the iceburg ship made out of ice and wood pulp right. Thanks for the info though
  4. Numbah18

    Hybrids CVs

    Sorry to bump an old topic but I have to ask what ship is this?
  5. Numbah18

    80% + playing Japan

    Depends on the ship whether they play IJN or USN. It's mostly USN though.
  6. Numbah18

    Clash of the Naval Titans

    I only play the US CV line. I go IJN for everything else.
  7. Numbah18

    WoWS is a great game, however...

    I will agree with this. A lone BB or even CA is asking for trouble.
  8. Numbah18

    Amazing what you learn from games

    I've recently been able to tell CV apart from just a glance.
  9. Numbah18

    WoWS is a great game, however...

    What ship were you using?
  10. Numbah18

    wtf torps?

    Aren't CV supposed to scout? DD are assassins after all.
  11. From what I have seen WG doesn't make changes based on feedback. Bug reports yes but still. I'm trying to see if they are paying attention and who they are paying attention to.
  12. Numbah18

    wtf torps?

    Can't say I would advise entering a smoke screen DD aren't the only ones that use it.
  13. Not saying line of argument just want to know how people feel. I'm trying to understand how everybody feels so I can try to predict what changes are going to be made.
  14. But then how will people on the other forms know the global opinions on these things?
  15. Numbah18

    wtf torps?

    This seems to be a popular strategy for dealing with torps though.