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  1. ShadoPulse

    Goal(s) in 2018?

    Get Bismarck and Charles Martel. but I'm stuck on LaGal.
  2. ShadoPulse

    Highlight of he Year

    Just before the Russian DD split managed to detonate a full hp Hatsuharu with the Kiev's secondary. Good times
  3. ShadoPulse

    Doing well in horrible ships.

    Kuma sends her regards
  4. ShadoPulse

    Zao vs Des Moines vs Moskva

    It's less the destination and more of the journey The Russian line is kinda infuriating I guess since the Moskva doesn't need IFHE while the ones below her benefit from it a lot The Japanese are stable when it comes to guns but the Zao has the benefit of having troll armour The American lines are stable in that they could brawl kind of effectively (we don't about the Pensacola, she's special(not in a bad way)). But the DM has more RPM. So really you should just grind the lines till T5. If you're comfortable with the ships just keep grinding if you don't maybe the line's not for you. And for god's sake stop making these kind of posts, we already have a sharkbait we don't need more (and sorry for the larger text as the new forum layout is a bit problematic so I had to write this in Notes and paste it here)
  5. ShadoPulse

    [5-star replay]Guides on "Narai"

    Imo this operation was easier than the last one(but take this with a pinch of salt, I'm the kind of guy to bring a pensacola into these operations) and also this cant be Operation Downfall as the allies were the one invading
  6. ShadoPulse

    Doing well in horrible ships.

    I do decent in the Omaha eventhough most of my games I was bottom tier.
  7. ShadoPulse

    Omaha need to be removed.......

    I quite like Omaha, she's a fine ship. I don't play too aggressively and it works out fine. oh wait this is a bait post, nevermind
  8. ShadoPulse

    Which Nation Ship Lines Are The Best/Fun

    The Japanese CA line is for me fun. I did not sell the Kuma (as I use it to seal-club) and I have no regrets. I have only grinded up to the Myoko (I don't play the line anymore) and my experience were all positive. Even the Aoba. Just don't show too much broadside and don't rely on your torps.
  9. ShadoPulse

    Review on Gadjah Mada from unicum perspective

    I don't know if this is supposed to be a serious guide/review of the Elephant but the firing angles are a positive and I wouldn't really call 36 knots slow.
  10. ShadoPulse

    Remove CV fighters

    I play the Cleveland and I can say I love carriers. Planes are a delicacy for American cruisers
  11. ShadoPulse

    My first Shenyang game

    I have fun with the Clemson. I count 4 PA DD has sent torps for my clemmy!
  12. ShadoPulse

    Pan Asians soon - What's your weapon of choice?

    Well, Gadjah Mada. It's a sense of pride really
  13. ShadoPulse

    Rant, from a BB player

    Wait, is this rant towards the PA DD or BB?
  14. ShadoPulse

    The Smoke Nerf Conspiracy

    Im still waiting for CV with smoke