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  1. ShadoPulse

    Missouri '84

    Oh I can't wait for the Kirov class battlecruisers. Would be a fine and, most importantly, balanced addition to the game
  2. ShadoPulse

    Benson, Fletcher, and Gearing

    Man I remember when the US destroyers were seen as the most powerful due to the combination of great guns and great torpedoes. The US DD’s should be a case study in power creep
  3. ShadoPulse

    New idea

    I’m not that good of a player to be honest, but I’ve had pretty decent success in the Charlie Martelli Find a position where you’re either behind friendlies or sufficiently far enough from the action, ensuring you won’t get targeted but close enough to reliably hit targets. Open waters are where the Charles Martel, and genereally other French cruisers, excell in. Added with the fact that speed boost really helps with kiting as that extra 15% speed and acceleration can throw off aim. Other than that just keep shooting stuff. Great against battleships as the fire chance is high, good against cruisers as both HE and AP shells are great(high AP damage is really a massive plus) and pretty nice against DDs due to non-floaty shells close range and reload booster. Positioning is key and if done correctly, holy moses is this one annoying ship to deal with
  4. ShadoPulse

    Suggestion for Rework Commander Skills

    I don't think buffing DE is the way to go. We want to reduce HE and fires to inventive BBs to push. Giving DE higher fire and flood chance will only result in more DoT Damage resulting in less inventive for BBs to push. On the topic of fire, how about a mechanic that decreases the chance that a part of the ship can be set on fire based on the amount of fire damage that section has taken.
  5. ShadoPulse


    Oh yeah. Have to agree though, those prices are beyond ridiculous.
  6. ShadoPulse


    Can I ask for some context?
  7. I see how having 9 15 inch guns at tier 9 is underwhelming as the Alsace counteracts this with it being littered with guns everywhere. But I am looking forward to what gimmick the battlecruiser are going to have, just hoping it's not going to be an extension of the HE slinging design
  8. What about giving these battle cruisers smaller calibers as opposed to other battleships of it's tier. For example the J3 being placed at T9. But in exchange it would have cruiser like accuracy, faster reload time and ideal shell ballistics. So while the ships would have smaller calibers compared to fellow battleships, the other statistics would be more desirable.
  9. ShadoPulse

    questions regarding the new ze german tree cvs

    German rockets can instead use high enough islands to snipe at ships more than 10km away. Refer to Flambass’ video with the Parseval for that matter
  10. ShadoPulse

    A Question for Veteran Players

    Yes that’s true but at least good AA can be put as a positive for a ship. Now it’s between terrible AA and prettier numbers when thing goes shooty shooty, but why aren’t I shooting planes down???
  11. ShadoPulse

    Free code for asia only

    What does this code do? I’ve redeemed it and so far nothing has happened
  12. Wait, doesn't the Nicholas only have the B hull?
  13. ShadoPulse


    Ah, I didn't know I could use WoWS to help with real life medical conditions. This is brilliant!
  14. ShadoPulse

    Can we add the expression of the captain in the game

    I think it will be extremely annoying to have your commander shout everytime you fire. Imagine being in the Colbert or Smolensk. When I think about it, might actually be a way to balance them. If they can’t be nerfed, makes it so that they don’t to play them.