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  1. Ghostray325

    Scharnhorst replay

    Looks great!! Can't wait for it to go on a sale...
  2. Ghostray325

    To All Whiners, plus some suggestions

    You are missing the whole point of problem regarding blue-line abusing. What you suggest is basically making the victim to come up with a solution for a problem caused by abusers. Here is an example. Let's assume we are living in a world where there is no law against robbing a grocery store at gunpoint. Needless to say, lots of grocery stores will be robbed, and the complaints among the store owners arise. So what does the government do? They come up with a weird law so the store owners can get a gun of their own at free of charge. Okay, free gun is nice, but why do victims have to do make a correction? Actually, what they should do is to make grocery store robbery a felony, punishable by law. That way, those wannabe robbers will think twice before robbing the store, and those foolish enough to actually carry out the act will be punished. That's pretty much what is happening at PT 4.1 server. Honest players have to learn a different way of aiming - which is completely useless when dealing with other honest players - so they can deal with blue-line abuser. A problem occurs, and the victim has to make correction? How is that normal? What should happen is WG coming up with some kind of penalty for blue-line abusing which will eventually prevent most of the blue line abusing cases from happening, and punish those who abuse it anyway. There is a root cause, and there is side-effect problems caused by it. If you need to fix it, you need to go after the root cause. Patching the aiming system to make it a bit easier to hit blue line abusers might appear to solve the problem, but it can't make the fundamental problem go away. Blue-line abusing cases will continue to happen. It's just like a bandage slapped over a deep wound. If you want to how years of bandaging (covering up side effects while ignoring the root cause) meeses up a potentially great game, look up a game called Navyfield. (Actually, their response to gameplay abusing wasn't that bad. They had the same borderline abusing issues, but they went after the root cause and fixed it. What they screwed up is inter-class balancing issues, which they kept adding bandages instead of going after the root cause)
  3. Ghostray325

    Can a ship get anymore damaged?

    Not the kind of thing you would like to see when playing USN DD...
  4. Ghostray325

    Blue Line Abuse Discussion

    The problem is that WG is not seeing (or choosing to ignore) the fundamental problem but going after the side effects caused by it. What is the fundamental problem for blue-line abusing? Simple. Players run blue-line because it gives them abnormal tactical advantage. It forces other (honest) players to learn a different way of "leading the target," a technique which is totally useless for fighting other (honest) players. What is the side effect caused by this? The change in vector of ships running blue-line messes up the existing targeting system, which makes other (honest) players even harder to hit blue-line abusers. What did WG do with the latest patch? They fixed the targeting system problem against ships running blue-line. They did not go for the fundamental problem and just patched up the side effect, like putting a bandage over a skin wound of a person suffering sepsis. Is the latest fix going to reduce the occurrence of blue-line abusing? I don't think so. Sure, it might look okay on the outside, but the underlying problem is still there, rotting away. Pretty sure that is going to cause a different side effects. Then WG would again try to patch up the new problems, all the while the fundamental problem becomes even more difficult to fix because of all the bandages covering it. I've seen it happen countless times in NF over the course of several years. As the time progressed, fixing the fundamental problem became all but impossible because by then touching it would break so many things, enough to kill the whole game. So how can WG fix the fundamental problem? Simple. They implement some kind of penalty for players running blue-line. Give them fire damage or flood damage... Heck, set up a minefield on the blue line to let them blow themselves up. It seems WG is overly scared of angering a small fraction of players who inadvertently run into blue-line. What about much larger portion of players who are annoyed by these abusers? If there were some kind of penalty, players will learn, from early on, not to run into the blue line. Actually, they will soon learn not to play near the blue-line at all. And with that fixed, they didn't need to come up with a fix for targeting system against players running blue-line at the first place. Just hope WG begins to take a step in right direction soon. NF made same mistake, over and over, but they at least had a huge advantage of operating NF unopposed for a long time (in terms of genre)
  5. Ghostray325

    May I please ask a question about MM?

    I'd bet that alien race went extinct because their technology standards is "Things do not work as intended..."
  6. Ghostray325

    Blue Line Abuse Discussion

    That's only for those who already stay too close to the Blue Line, who often begin Blue-Lining themselves when shells begin to fall near them. No reason to protect them at all. As long as a player keep some distance between his/her ship and the Blue Line, the probability of the situation you pointed out happening will be negligibly low.
  7. Ghostray325

    IJN CV dominate the sky

    I guess his point is that USN CV (as it is now, balance-wise) is not worth existing in WOWS. Better that WG scratch the USN CV tree off so IJN CVs can duke it out among themselves, which at this point would provide better balance for players... Of course that won't be a good solution but if WG can't balance USN VS IJN CVs it will eventually become like that. What I've heard about 4.1 PT progress is kinda dissapointing. WG practically approved Blueline play by not implementing any penalty and it seems that high tier IJN CVs got buffed (in relation to matching USN CVs) The only thing that looks good appears to be one of the new maps (the other one sounds awful because of lighting issue) and the new game rule that result in fewer draws.
  8. Ghostray325

    Blue Line Abuse Discussion

    It's almost like a deja vu as about 10 years ago in Korea, a game called Navyfield was plagued with same problem - borderline abusing. NF solved the problem by implementing 15 second countdown for ships crossing over the border - the ship will need to come back in time or else it is forcibly removed from battle. Well, since the game mechanics and ships movement in WOWS are very different from that of NF, same solution cannot be used. But I keep wondering why WG did not see it coming. Although specifics are different, because they are both online PVP naval battle games, many of the general problems that happened in NF are bound to happen in WOWS. Borderline abusing is one example. Sleeper player, the situation described by zzzzYeti above, is another one. They all happened in NF in the past, and NF came up with solutions (I honestly can't say some of them were good solutions, but they were solutions anyway) But at least WG can learn from how NF fixed problems (or made it worse with a wrong solution - which is something WG should learn not to do) P.S. After reading the post about WG cancelling blue-line abuse fix due to a problem, I can't help but wonder if WG is overthinking the issue and opting to come up with an unnecessarily complicated solution...
  9. Ghostray325

    Blue Line Abuse Discussion

    I too can't understand why WG is not fixing this. It would be really simple to implement a patch that will completely eliminate blue-line abusers. 1. Ships touching blue-line will have their weapons locked and inoperable until they get out of it. (For CV, this will also mean the squadrons will be uncontrollable, even the Auto drop set prior to touching the line) 2. Ships touching blue line will receive DOT damage (similar to flooding damage) until they get out. So, what about an honest mistake where people plunge into blue-line unintentionally? Well, I think piloting a ship is as important as shooting guns or dropping torps well. If one neglect it and let his/her ship too close to blue line and still pay no attention to it, then I believe he/she deserves receiving those penalty.