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  1. SlamUez

    Being toxic in snowflakes

    The path of least resistance is in ranked =D.
  2. SlamUez

    The Massive Debate : Buyers / Whales Beware.

    I bought an RTX3080 instead.... Hahha loot boxes... I don't want a makarov. See ya WeeGee..
  3. SlamUez

    110 tokens short of 1000?

    I actually did the maths and realised I wouldn't make it, just with the directives and the hard slog on daily chain missions. I noticed the T8 UK cruiser giving 10tokens a day. I free XPed all of tier 7 to get to T8 and did one coop match daily with it. That boosted the stack by 250, ended up getting the captain and extra 200 dubs with a few other things. All at the cost of around 100k fxp.
  4. SlamUez

    110 tokens short of 1000?

    Pay $$$, carrot dangled similar to PR. Can't make it, open wallet.
  5. SlamUez

    Increasing ping spike periods

    Mate it happens between 7-10pm everyday AEST time without fail. Its like they are doing a backup job or something hogging all the bandwidth. I provided more ping plot data last night. Useless mofos at WG said theres no issue and ask me to contact my ISP. WTF. I work in IT and provision infrastructure as well as networks. The issue is clearly the last hop. Take note people this is how WeeGee and their support team treat their customers. Thank flap I havnt spent a dimm over the last 2 years. This ticket was a test to see whether I would buy anything in the future. Nope. Wallet closed forever.
  6. SlamUez


    No, I was originally in POI and left many years ago, when our glorious leader MelonSoda left for real life reasons. Alot of the original members have formed REPOI.... Why do you want to join anyway =D.
  7. SlamUez

    Increasing ping spike periods

    Yes the pings spikes are that bad. 50ms -> 1second or more at times. I have already raised a ticket for the last few days and provided ping plots to support. They said they are looking into it, not sure what will come out of this. The issue is within WeeGees network. I suggest you do the same, so they are more compelled to fix it. It happens around the same time very day from 7pm onwards till around 10pm AEST. I am on AussieBB, I'm not the only one with the issue.
  8. SlamUez

    Puerto Rico, time to abandon ship

    What a joke. Seriously its the feastive season and they want people glued to the computer playing pixel boats. Or open your wallet if you want to earn the rewards. I know where my money will be going. In aint wegees way. Snowflake spam coop and be done.
  9. SlamUez

    4th Anniversay Grind Rewards

    Play coop while watching youtube. Did tiers 10,9,8 in like 5 hours.
  10. SlamUez

    Can you still get ships in supercontainers?

    Yes its rare.. I got a z39 out of an sc the other day the patch dropped. It was my first sc i opened out of 25. Night before I got a le terrible quest from 5 premium containers to get the french captain.
  11. SlamUez

    Chance of French destroyer containers

    Lol surprise mechanics... Your surprised because you didnt get the ships....
  12. SlamUez

    Refund Premium CV together !!!

    You had the chance shortly after ceevee rework. Chance is gone now...
  13. SlamUez

    Another Idea for Research Bureau

    Your idea doesnt work at a programming level. I have all tier 10 lines. Imagine I go grind all of them. How many personal missions will I have in addition to legendary mod grind and other premium ship missions.
  14. SlamUez

    French Snowflakes a way to play lower tiers

    Do you need tokens from these events to put towards the french captain?