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  1. SlamUez

    Outer space = waste of space

    Agreed, wasted resources... Rather than being directed to fix the game.
  2. SlamUez

    0.8.2 Update Done

    CVs are the joke themselves. Rollback CVs...
  3. SlamUez


    Does the event even matter? Oh let's see which clan can mindlessly grind the most?! Haha alright...
  4. Pretty much sums it up. The experience just sucks. It's so bad that I can't even be bothered to log in for days just to play a game. Thank God apex is tying me through.
  5. SlamUez

    Ranked off to a boring start again

    They can keep playing save star fine with me. Im nearly ranked 5. I have only been playing DDs and some cruisers 🙂
  6. SlamUez

    Mushashi battles......

    Let me guess. Play sushi to camp and save star? Does it surprise you your losing? 🙂 Buffs and caps win games.
  7. SlamUez

    Ranked off to a boring start again

    DDs are the meta this season. Sit back and farm, you will generally lose the game. You need the ship buffs to be competitive. If you dont get them your team is at a disadvantage. Come cap time what you gonna do? Keep playing for save star everygame?
  8. SlamUez

    New CV rework Sux, what the heeck WG

    Boring as f to play. Selling all my CVs... Slow clunky....
  9. SlamUez

    Twilight Battle is broken

    Wow thats tonnes of xp fxp there.
  10. 50 zulu when i have 250 zulu and 460m credits with nothing to buy lol. 2 other camo forgot what.
  11. SlamUez

    What do you want from santa's boxes?

    Hilarious to read over 3 forums. Sea, NA, EU. Lol. The carrot and the stick gets longer.
  12. SlamUez

    WG, thanks for the free Perth, I guess

    Perth is a real fun ship when fully decked out. Give it a go. 19 point captain with IFHE. And hydro, spotter plan, smoke modules.
  13. SlamUez

    i will regret this

    Lol man worse than last year. Much worse than year before. Ill throw money at nintendo switch instead.
  14. SlamUez

    What do you want from santa's boxes?

    I didnt. Hence i wont be disappointed. I didnt buy any containers. Not planning to xmas either. Lol the xmas containers are out early this year. I wonder why? Global economy tanking. WeeGee needs money.
  15. SlamUez

    What do you want from santa's boxes?

    Not to be disappointed like the black friday containers. Although i spent jacksheet haha. Xmas. Ill spent jacksheet too. So you cant be disappointed.