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  1. SlamUez

    Daily Containers Content need rethink

    I go try your luck everytime. You get 900 coal or 750 fxp. Credits dont matter if you have a premium account. Try your luck if you want to aim for super containers.
  2. SlamUez

    About the legendary upgrade of Republique

    19.8 is not workable. 21-22 yes. Standard range is 26km. 6km trade off is way too much for a 2sec reload buff...
  3. SlamUez

    New Ranked Season

    Last night myself in gremy. My clan mate in nicholas and another in kami R. We roflstomped a tier 7 game and topped the board. A kami r and gremy is enough to carry. This new ranked mode will be a walk in the park with so many irrevocable ranks.
  4. I stopped playing it after 5 games. No legendary grind means no point playing it. Game time is limited with real life stuff. Gota make the most of it. I grind legendary mods in ranked :)
  5. 2016 was best. I got so many ships and duplicates it was crazy. 3 ships out of 5 open. So many doubloons refunded back and spare captains. 2017 was clearly nerfed. This year, I may not even buy them. Lets wait for the suckers to review and open first.
  6. Exit queue when there is 2 CVs. WG needs to ban these accounts to set a precedence, that this is not acceptable to the wows community.
  7. SlamUez

    Should I buy Salem since I got Des moines already?

    Dont do it. You will regret it.
  8. I was just in a clutching game (10+ bracket). Top loser, 1217 points, next 1209, next 1190, next 1188, 5th 1144. Everyone tried their guts out, only a BB marginally got top loser. It was all within 20-60 points. This is ranked season for you, even the best of players will have to endure this. This is brutal grind.
  9. Thank you Tiger, I wish you all the best of luck as well as the original poster kiwi1960. I do apologise for possibly being rude the other day in another thread when you were trying to help. There is more to life than this game. Have fun and do not lose your mind, hopefully we can run into a few games if your around on SEA server. Best Regards, Slam
  10. I recall from the maths, its a 7% margin if you play for top loser on a 50/50 win lose ratio. If you play DD and can win more that 58% of games you are doing better. But otherwise the top loser way is the only way to progress. This pretty much sums up ranked.
  11. You didnt learn from last season? This season is worse, cause everyone knows the trick. I saw a 7 vs 7 BB game lul.
  12. SlamUez


    Pretty much sums it up last season and this season. Rank 1 isn't rank 1 like it use to be, its not a testament of skill, just whoever can farm damage the most. Pretty sad, you can't play to win. If you cant beat them, join them. Everyone play the same game, 7 BBs, lets see who does the most damage and not lose a star. Everyone will get salty, nothing will change.
  13. So i gather your shot caller for your team. They are willing to listen and your words are "don't lose". Alright, glad I shot called differently on my clan. :)
  14. I plan to play the underdog ships poorly and see if karma can go negative. I'll still listen though.
  15. Lol I'll listen. Well said. So what's the secret to winning.