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  1. 50 zulu when i have 250 zulu and 460m credits with nothing to buy lol. 2 other camo forgot what.
  2. SlamUez

    What do you want from santa's boxes?

    Hilarious to read over 3 forums. Sea, NA, EU. Lol. The carrot and the stick gets longer.
  3. SlamUez

    WG, thanks for the free Perth, I guess

    Perth is a real fun ship when fully decked out. Give it a go. 19 point captain with IFHE. And hydro, spotter plan, smoke modules.
  4. SlamUez

    i will regret this

    Lol man worse than last year. Much worse than year before. Ill throw money at nintendo switch instead.
  5. SlamUez

    What do you want from santa's boxes?

    I didnt. Hence i wont be disappointed. I didnt buy any containers. Not planning to xmas either. Lol the xmas containers are out early this year. I wonder why? Global economy tanking. WeeGee needs money.
  6. SlamUez

    What do you want from santa's boxes?

    Not to be disappointed like the black friday containers. Although i spent jacksheet haha. Xmas. Ill spent jacksheet too. So you cant be disappointed.
  7. SlamUez

    Please explain

    You ask for support and coordinate a radar strike.
  8. Kutuzov says hi. Doesn't care if its in tier 10 games. Disclaimer: I own both. Tip: play smarter, every ship has a counter.
  9. SlamUez

    fix your damn game

    Its not your aim. Its inbuilt riggedness. Play a yamato alot it shoots like a shotgun. Leave the ship in port for a few months come back to it. Its a sniper rifle. How else you gonna keep the plebs around if you nuke them day in day out. Probably some inbuilt mechanism that makes you lose lock for certain rolls. Although the target is locked on in your UI.
  10. Thanks to one clan bringing 7 stalingrads to clan battles. The match was hella fun. Stalingrads are not OP and can be beaten.
  11. Insert any ship played by unicum. That ship needs balans. Scrub complains hard and doesn't even have the sheep. HIV has reload booster last I tried.
  12. SlamUez

    AU/NZ snubbed again

    Your logic does not make any sense whatsoever. The current time is 830pm GMT+8 for 3 hours until 1130pm GMT+8. How does anyone miss out if it starts 2 hours earlier 630pm GMT+8 and still finish the same time 1130pm GMT+8? Yes you may not get as much games in between 630-830, but you never know people will be around to play.
  13. Lets be honest fxp is inflated massively since the introduction of economy flags. Im sitting on 3.2m with nothing to use it on. Already have mo and kron. Not sure I want the sushi when i got a legendary yamato. If Alaska is the next fxp one, ill definitely get it. Then im back to accumulation mode with nothing to spend it on. They are removing the ships because they are too easy to obtain.
  14. SlamUez

    AU/NZ snubbed again

    How frigging hard is it to communicate to the player base. We will extend the window 2 hours prior to the original time. However please understand prime time for the server is 830pm gmt+8. So if you dont get a game at 630pm gmt+8 try again or put up with longer wait times. We will understand and try our luck. Right now WG just shut us down take it or leave it. This is the arrogance of this company. Their way or the highway. Well i mean it this time. My wallet is forever closed. I dont care if every christmas container is a premium ship. No more money for weegee. I wont buy anything. Dont care if they release OP ships for cash. I have a stalin that i worked hard at these stupid hours in the last 3 seasons. Im not sure ill do the same thing for the baguette. Maybe i have too many ships to even care any more.