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  1. Cheater Musashi IGN: ddd_dumplings

    Maybe favourable RNG. Certainly some games can be like that.
  2. Varyag Marathon

    25 dragon flags......
  3. Maybe ill quit this game

    Its your computer. No problems after they fixed the performance bug. If its taking you 5 mins to load, i suggest you get an SSD.
  4. My Steven Seagal captain

    WG ditched him after the allegations of s-assault. Lol john doe.
  5. Aigle mission part 19

    Sims just doing its thing. 1800 base easy. Its innate 1.5x base xp multiplier works wonders.
  6. What premboat to buy

    5k for tier 10, 4k for tier 9, 3k for tier 8. Thats all he can afford. Just saying. Personally if you can afford it. Go tier 10 perm camo. I own around 10 of them. No shortage of fun just bringing tier 10s out like premiums.
  7. What premboat to buy

    Get premium camo for amagi instead
  8. shameless bragging

    GG last night MEGA. That was a close game :). In before the win streak... Weeeeee.....
  9. ATAGO inigma

    You need to learn how to play. Atago is a ship I dont care about playing tier 10 games. You can farm BBs if you know what your doing. Its the best tier 8 cruiser.
  10. Performance issue after 0.7.2

    I normally dont have issues with performance. But this patch even in the port screen the ship models lag a bit. In battle sometimes it get sluggish. WG has introduced something this patch.
  11. now i really hate baltimore

    Either way keep at it. The Des moines is a real fun ship. Its one of my must play ships each day for first win.
  12. miss-ouri

    Congrats. In before detonation. I had one yesterday. It was miserable.
  13. now i really hate baltimore

    Baitimore is a stronk ship. Learn to use the AP. As to the losses. Welcome to the club. I managed 2 wins out of 10games. Tell you what the MM just doesnt want to give you the 200% win easily. Been getting detonations and pink players. Go figure.
  14. Im 2 dups short of the french captain. The question remains whether i give WG any more money. Im thinking flap it. Stuff the captain. If this is the direction WG is heading. Forget it. Im not buying anything else. I don't want RNG based collections with stupid odds that you have the open up your wallet everytime. This is unethical and simply turns people away from the game. I got yamamoto, seagall and dunkirk without having to pay for loot boxs. Why now the french?
  15. If they expect that. Then i guess loot boxes will be up for sale until the 29th march. Ill wait and see how many i need just for the french captain.