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  1. SlamUez

    4th Anniversay Grind Rewards

    Play coop while watching youtube. Did tiers 10,9,8 in like 5 hours.
  2. SlamUez

    Can you still get ships in supercontainers?

    Yes its rare.. I got a z39 out of an sc the other day the patch dropped. It was my first sc i opened out of 25. Night before I got a le terrible quest from 5 premium containers to get the french captain.
  3. SlamUez

    Chance of French destroyer containers

    Lol surprise mechanics... Your surprised because you didnt get the ships....
  4. SlamUez

    Refund Premium CV together !!!

    You had the chance shortly after ceevee rework. Chance is gone now...
  5. SlamUez

    Another Idea for Research Bureau

    Your idea doesnt work at a programming level. I have all tier 10 lines. Imagine I go grind all of them. How many personal missions will I have in addition to legendary mod grind and other premium ship missions.
  6. SlamUez

    French Snowflakes a way to play lower tiers

    Do you need tokens from these events to put towards the french captain?
  7. SlamUez

    French Snowflakes a way to play lower tiers

    Whats the point to these tokens? Is the new french special captain out yet?
  8. SlamUez


    Yep. Havnt touched randoms for months. Same old. Same MM stacking. Good luck weegee. Fix it or players will leave. You cant stack one sided games to make players think they are having fun on the winning side. The collateral damage are the losing side. Players are fed up. I only play ranked and CWs. Nothing else now.
  9. SlamUez

    bElfAsT iS FaiR ANd BaLAnCEd

    Then you clearly dont know how to fight one and where its weaknesses are.
  10. SlamUez

    bElfAsT iS FaiR ANd BaLAnCEd

    Please do. Its not even OP :). Didnt see many in ranked last season.
  11. SlamUez

    Has Benham drained the life out of you yet?

    So it hasnt crossed your mind to buy loot boxes to finish the grind to get the benham? WeeGee carefully calculated that you cant skip any days or else you fall short. So all that grinding effort you still gota open your wallet if you want Benham. I have major reservations about this practice.
  12. SlamUez

    Has Benham drained the life out of you yet?

    I looked at it and said flap it. No hill no benham, keep my sanity. I only play tier 10 anyway. I'd rather throw money at a 4k 144hz IPS monitor than grind these stupid ships. Apex legends season 2 seems fun now.
  13. Grind is stupid. Ill pass up on it. Tier 9 is in an odd spot anyway. Ill play tier 10 randoms or CWs, ranked. Doubt ill use the benham much if i get one. Will be another port queen.
  14. SlamUez


    You havnt noticed the stacking by now in 12 seasons of ranked and random games? Theres nothing random to the MM. Its so predictable after your first,second game in the evening. The dispersion on the specific ship your playing is also predictable after 2 games. In days like those. Take a break, you wont make any progress in ranked.
  15. SlamUez

    Outer space = waste of space

    Agreed, wasted resources... Rather than being directed to fix the game.