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  1. Reflection on Season 8 Ranked Total Games: 303 Win rate: 54.5% Average XP: 1767 Average Dmg: 67-70k * First 80 games, cruised to rank 6 from Rank 13 (Was a walk in the park for the most part of it using BBs, I was experimenting many other ships to determine what was effective and what Meta is currently in game). * Stayed at Rank 6-7 for next 50 games before hitting Rank 5 (Issue with fresh rank 10s on my team throwing games, many games with AFK players. It takes double the effort to make back loss stars and advance) * Revisted Rank 6.3 5 times before making progress Would have sucked up around 20 games (New meta needed to adjust, again was around some fresh Rank 5s that needed to adjust or won't ready for these games). * Stayed at Rank 5 for around 50 games before going into Rank 4 (This is where I encountered AFK ships, ships that would go solo, DDs that still have no idea how to play and finally Losers that Team Kill their own team for top loser spot). * Stayed at Rank 4 for 1 week for around 50 games before punching through to Rank 3 (Tough meta, players playing for top loser spot. Had to adjust my play to play the same game but better than these players). * Fell back to Rank 4.2 stars, Grinded the rest over 3 days in under 30 games to make rank 1 (Solid strategy with Tirpitz grinding 4 stars a night, then Atago grinding 5 stars, finally finishing off with North Cal grinding 4 stars). I have my strategy on Match Maker, I have avoided the pitfalls of the previous seasons of ranked. I will continue this strategy. Lets just say I witnessed a clan member lose 19 stars from Rank 2.4 (1 star to rank out but lose all the progress over 3 days). I have also seen a clan member attempt 2.4, over 50 games, 4 times before ranking out. I have purposely played the way I have played in a slow and steady state to avoid the mistakes of one past season where I didn't rank out. When MM screws you it will, when it favours you you ride it out. My thoughts on the ships, as I have played them: 90 games: North Carolina - Best in class, support class, tanky and very accurate guns. Can retreat when needed, its the absolute counter to Cruisers. 40 games: Alabama - Decent, as strong as NC, but in different ways. Guns horizontal dipsersion not as accurate as North Cal. 400m of concealment matters compared to NC when your dealing with cruisers. 85 games: Amagi - Strong but RNG based heavily, some days plays like a sniper, other days plays like a Shotgun. DMG wise its higher than NC, so its saved myself more lost stars 30 games: Tirpitz - Strong pusher, guns are RNG based heavily moreso then Amagi. But on a good day I have tripled citadelled Atagos. Its lower calibre does wonders sometimes. Amagi's and NCs overpen more, but this thing just crits or pens. I have had a massive win streak on this thing. Torps are useful on the push against bow on BBs. 0 games: Bismarck - Take the tirpitz instead of the Bismarck, the Torps matters 10 games early season: Monarch - This ship is a DSP machine and thats it, it offers no other utility to the team. If the team members die early, this thing is useless because it can't dish out enough DPS to sink ships fast. Its more a support class BB. Kii: Useless ship, stock amagi, stock guns, gota have rocks in your head to take this one, when Amagi is already RNG dependent. Atago - Best in class, one of the most scariest ships when played well. It counters everything other than good Atago players and Good martel players. This ship has gotten me 13 stars easily in the premier league. Its my goto ship other than the NC for each opening game each night. (Opening game will affect how you go for the rest of the night). - I have solo'd full HP Amagi in this ship at 14-15km, where the Amagi never landed a big hit or any hits at all. Kutuzov - Good DSP machine, but needs to stay further back. Relies on the team not dying and spotting, this ship is good if the team plays well Charles Martel - Very good flanker, but again relies on the team not dying early, this ship is a pain to deal with for a BB player. Chapevey - Radar is useless if you don't communicate. I have seen Chaps use radar on their own without telling anyone where the DD is in cap. They do not coordinate a strike where every ship will dump on the DD. These are wasted opportunities. Chapeveys get nuked easily, I have seen many idiots play them in the open where position and cover is everything. New Orleans - See chapevey Prinz Eugen, Hipper - Useless don't bring them Lo Yang - Best in class, however the counter is the wait it out and coordinate a push late game. If you have radar ships coordinate a strike on Lo Yangs. Benson/Kidd - Strong but need to be patient and not trade / lose HP early game. Stronger late game. Ognevoi - Played a game in stock ognevoi for laughs with a 19point captain. Got 2k base XP. However this ship is situational, the concealment isnt the best and relies heavily on lucky torps or the team. Akizuki - Useless ship when spotted, too clumbersome. Harekazi - Decent, but requires alot of support. Hsienyang - For this to work requires coordinating your radar with team to take out DD threat. Otherwise hard to play and quite useless. Z-23 - Seen 1 good player with this, hats off to him, but I wouldn't take this ship into ranked when its outclassed by a Lo Yang. Kagero - Best used as a spotting DD and torp spamming DD. Relies heavily on team to do their stuff to support it. Seen some decent players use this one. Kiev - A useless ship, I had this ship tried to solo my NC. I demolished it in 3 salvos. You can't play this like a cruiser, if you want to play cruiser play an atago. My thoughts on: Ranked 11-13 Games: Just full of potatoes easily exploitable. If your on a losing team, aim to play for top loser. You will grind through these easily Ranked 10-6 Games: Some games are tight as you run into the rank 1 unicums from previous seasons. These are no different to Rank 5+ games. But how to progress in this is no different to 11-13 games. However there will be fresh rank 10s. You need to identify these players and exploit them and their mistakes. Ie, that the opportunity to 1 shot them in BBs, as they generally do not know how to sail or do not know they are out of position. BBs that push too far ahead without knowing the threats. Ranked 5+ Games: Many games are really tight, the meta on these games are great as you find no one goes straight for caps. Everyone plays conservative, not unusual to go 5 minutes where no one has entered a cap. In situations like this the BB players need to make an advantage play by 1 shooting CAs or reposition to open up the game. To advance you need to make really good plays, like shoot across the map to finish ships. Not usual for me to kill things 20km+, I killed an atago with spotter play at 25km when he disappeared. He was salty afterwards and called my shot lucky. This is not usual when I shoot like this all the time, even in Clan battles. These shots are possible when I make them time and time. Its just practice. In these games you also want to exploit fresh Rank 5s, as they will most likely not have adjusted to the Meta or be out of position. All it takes is 1 ship to die and the snowball effect kicks in. Similarly on the receiving end, all it takes is 1 mistake and the tide turns. A note on Top Loser: As you play a number of ships you work out which ship is best played for top loser. I worked out 1 that was consistently better and also gave me the best chance at winning games. So I naturally just used that. It is inevitable you will lose games, so you need to adjust your play style mid game when you know its a loser game to try and not lose that star. However I despise players that just play for top loser from get go without trying to win. The worse are the ones that TK their own team to achieve it, I don't know why this is not banned because clearly the game is not intended to have friendlies delibrately TK. Overall: Did I enjoy ranked, Yes (except the TKers). Was it stressful, no, however there was alot riding on it for me. Namely my 5th Rank out for the Black. I also felt some players in the top league don't deserve to be there. Some players still did no understand the mechnanics of the points system and only needed to defend 2 caps to win that the team already has. Except they pushed and died. Enemy team then wins by killing instead of points. Next Season: I won't give a toss any more, I will play like a twat. Take the worse ships into ranked purposely and spam games as a social experiment. I will just YOLO rush and trade ships, let the team do the rest. Good luck to those still trying to keep their sanity together. Those that want to know abit more about Match Making for Ranked. PM Me. I don't want to post my thoughts up, as I will be ridiculed and called a conspirator. Lets just say I have noticed patterns over and over from 7 seasons. Not hard to exploit it, but you still need to play well.
  2. This is the best BB for ranked. Build it for concealment. My captain skills: Expert loader (with seagull), 6-7.5sec AP/HE swaps are no joke. See a bow tanking BB fire HE on it. Expert marksman (seagull makes it turn faster) Adrenaline Rush Super intendent Concealment expert Next choice. Tank spec go fire prevention. AA spec go Advance firing training. Last 3 points can get basics of survivability for tank spec. For AA spec drop AR and get manual AA. The last point on preventative maintenance. Play this ship patiently. Learn to aim sneak up on things and one shot them with AP. Learn to stay off the trigger and retreat with the concealment when needed. This ship holds its weight even in tier 10 games. I have nuked tier 10 cruisers in it easily. One tip about its 2.0 sigma. It affects the horizontal vector more than vertical. So work on your vertical aim. It needs to be dead on target otherwise you will miss alot. But when it links expect to see multi citadels. As for plunging fire these are for ranges of at least 20km, at this ranges your vertical aiming needs to be spot on or your going to waste alot of shots.
  3. People are too shallow in this game or on the internet. They are too easily offended and need to be protected. So ya. Expect an enforced name change if you hurt the feelings of others.
  4. Giving up on Ranked...

    The ships that are anti BB are cruisers. Played well with team support BBs are toast. If your in a BB and constantly shooting other BBs early game then your playing the BB wrong. Anyway I ranked out with the North Cal last night. The NC and Bama are multi purpose ships. Doesnt contain the most DPS but as you said can coordinate a strong push. The nuking of CAs early game is the bonus.
  5. Missouri Marathon

    I got the misery its awesome. Had it for a year or more now. As to the ma-sushi ill wait for the reviews. Sitting on 1.7mil fxp. No rush to get it anyway.
  6. Missouri Marathon

    Musashi marathon after that?
  7. LOL WG doesnt care. Better watch the reviews on the ships before opening your wallet.
  8. What do you have to do ?

    Its paramount to finish off ships in ranked. I go out of my way to shoot at anything that I can sink. I have sunken ships at 23km range in my North Cal. Even DDs at 20km. One lone ship can ruin the game and win it for the other team. As to incompetence, hopefully RNG averages out and the potatos are on the opposite team.
  9. Good luck to those winning a box. You will need it to overcome the RNG of getting wayern flags.
  10. Giving up on Ranked...

    Lets just say im on 285*battles and making slow steady progress. This season has been rough, when i rank out ill put up a post on my thoughts. I cruised to rank 6 in under 100 battles. After that it took around 80 battles to punch through. A lot of the grind were due to AFKers and poor play from newbie rank 10s throwing games. After hitting rank 5, I dropped back down to 6.3. 5 times. Staying at ranked 5 took another 50-60 games. Again due to AFKers poor players. To top it off team killing losers that want top loser spot. Anyway I have played many ships and certain ships will do better overall to the steady rank climbing. In top tier games, there is no room for error. Everyship counts and every point counts. I have been stuck at rank4 for a week but punched through. Some of the plays I have made mistakes and corrected my play. However many games where we had the clear advantage 2 caps. The team feel they need to push and get blown up. When the simple thing to do is sit back and defend. I feel some people dont deserve these ranks if they dont understand the fundamental points concept of caps. Its frustrating to play with such useless players. All it takes is 1 ship and the game tide turns.
  11. Giving up on Ranked...

    Thats what i pointed out last week in a post. You should report and send in the replays. There are some ********* players out there.
  12. The missions are achievable in the current time frame without resorting to buying the DoY. Good luck with the grind.
  13. Learn to read the patch notes OP. Game working as intended.
  14. There are some unethical players within this player base. Congratz on a good game, ignore the losers.