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  1. Newer BBs are mostly OP

    Wait till you get the legendary mod :). Im currently working on it.
  2. Clan battle start?

    wargaming fail....
  3. So got this the other day

    The latest patch is buggy. I crashed from the game while playing divved. First crash in like 6 months. Hate to be forced to play coop because of the buggy game or server.
  4. So many radar in game ...

    Pretty much. If its not missions. I havnt intentionally taken out a DD for the last 6 months plus.
  5. USS Black

    Ship is overhyped. Its not really that fun. If you smoke up then radar you only get around 20-25s of radar usage at 7.45km. The 2 min Z52 hydro plays better. The blacks torps are really slow. So they are used like sea mines that drift. I have played less than 10 games in mine since getting it 2 seasons ago. At the end of the day. Its a slower firing fletcher that draws alot of attention and focus fire. Best used with divved up.
  6. So got this the other day

    Whats also interesting is maybe that message was suppose to be the hidden mechanic. But it was bugged and displayed accidently. The other bugs I saw were previously completed missions being redisplayed. But cleared up after a game. Next test. When you see that message, take notice of your teams and RNG. Bring out a conq and see how many fires you can set in a game.
  7. So got this the other day

    Same thing with me yesterday. I dont even know why I got the message. Couldnt get a win in my seattle. Logged off after a few games. Cbf wasting time and effort in stacked games. Went to play fortnite instead. My approach to this game. See stacked games not in your favour after 2-3 games. Just log off and do something else. I won't be buying any more premium time or anything else from now on. The MM is not random. You see it in ranked games you see it time and time in random. You literally experience it in the RNG in game. I have played over 20,000 battles since closed beta. I dont magically forget how to shoot. There is no consistency in this game when your consistent yourself.
  8. CB times for AUS and NZ

    Bah.... 1030pm starts. ZzzzzzzZzzZ...
  9. The point is. If the stalingrad is a gimped or equal moskva. Well why even bust a gut and put 500+ hours into clan wars and all the staying up late to get it. I got better things to do with my time. It has to be worthwhile. If there is no point in playing clan wars. Clans wont play them other than for bragging rights. Thats the crux of the issue. And WG has taken the path of providing an attractive ship to obtain as a reward. With out it, theres really no point in devoting resources to creating that game mode. Lets be honest here. Clan wars show case how this game is supposed to be played. Ranked and solo and PVE will never illustrate the real meta behind this game and its team play nature. Have you seen a real coordinated radar strike on a DD where 6 ships fire at once all together? Have you seen proper map control and playing a CV where each plane counts down to the last minutes of a game? Without clan wars. WG will never be able to showcase and stream this game on what top level competitive play means. So to get there the rewards are the carrot dangled in front of the committed clans. If we can get ships otherwise, why bother with CWs. Its not fun coordinating a team consistently each night. Thats real effort that solo will never face.
  10. Why play clan wars if you can get the rewards via other means? Players will choose the path of least resistance. In the case of the sterlingrad the only path is steel and clan wars. Choose ranked battles or clan wars or both to obtain steel or loot boxes subject to RNG.
  11. Your not missing much OP. To get 3 stalingard flags. You need to invest at least 500hrs over 3 season. The same group of people in the clan also needs to invest similar amounts of time. Also to add. Dedication and skill as well as training. Playing clan wars like ranked will get you no where. Our clan has started to train again. Training gives us no rewards. But we are doing it to prepare for clan wars. What do solo players prepare?
  12. The issue is radar through mountains. Thats where the problem is and noob BBs that dont take out radar threats for their DDs.
  13. EU server stats, in graphics.

    Game is too repetitive. No new changes. No new mechanics. To be honest im all burnt out. I still have 80 days of premium. My day in wows now. Log in. 1 game Cleveland log out.
  14. The new EULA for ASIA

    I dont think ill be buying anything else from WG now. In fact i have started to play fortnite. WoWS is too heavy on RNG. Might as well play a skilled based game instead.
  15. He hasnt played R5+ but seems to know its impossible. Early evening 2 games going max. Sync drop chances are same team or opposite team. Ripe for exploit there.