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    People you've encountered in-game

    @RalphTheTheatreCat Sorry to reply so late. I don't often browse the forum. I was preparing KOTS at that time.
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    这种人不封掉,我们还怎么吃肉呀! 封掉,封掉,一定要封掉!
  3. Description is receive 540,000 potential damages, and the task ships are Wichita, Helena, Fiji, Edinburgh, Zara and mogami. After my test, the correct description should be that cause 540,000 damage with the main battery guns , the task ships are Wichita (I don't have Wichita, to be determined), Helena, Fiji, Edinburgh and mogami, without Zara. Initially the task has 196337 damage , after one match that has 224059 damage. The subtraction is 27722 damage. Then check detailed report and the main battery damage are consistent.
  4. 1. Description When jump into the ranked battle with a div , that will jump into the random battle. 2. Reproduction steps In port select someone invite to div select ranked battle select T9 ship and ready jump into ranked battle 3. Result It will jump into the random battle or coop battle. 4. Expected result It should jump into the ranked battle. 5. Technical details Time of occurrence: about 14:00 UTC+9 python.log