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  1. In present, It have only number of all ship. But I want to know how many T10 or T9 or Premiumship in my port. I
  2. Aria_Sajo

    Happy Birthday, World of Warships!! Tier VII Challenge.

    IGN: Aria_Sajo Try on Co-op Battle
  3. I have Supercontainer more than 10 container in my collected container. I want to open its but I dont want open a lot of WG container(that have Premium Account) that must open befor I met my Supercontainer.
  4. Aria_Sajo

    Anniversary Super Containers Thread

    46 Supercontainer From 46 T10 Ship In 46 SC have not any Premium Ship or Steel. -camo 50 (50X10) -signal 1,600 (100X16) -special signal 125 (25X3 + 50X1) -FreeXP 200,000 (50,000X4) -Coal 60,000 (15,000X4) -Doubloon 5,000 (1000X5) -Premium 21days (7X3)
  5. From this news links https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/general-news/stream-rewards/ Now They Have 3 Mission from 3 weeks and get 6 EU Container. Is there next mission on next week for 4 Container?
  6. Befor this update, My game can run on Radeon 530. But after this update My game run only Intel Graphic that make FPS of my game drop to 20FPS
  7. I get Missouri, Nelson and Musashi without convert any FreeXP Before Missouri come out I have 250000 FreeXP. I get 50000 from Container. I spend 6 months for 450000 FreeXP. (Use signal Flag Papa with only when having Premium Account Free From Mission or Public test Reward) In present, It get FreeXP easier than last year because it has new signal flag that get more XP and FreeXP.
  8. It is possible. I Collect Yamamoto Collections(40 pieces) from daily containers in 3 months.
  9. Thank you for answers. I just notice it tick pause.
  10. Oh! Thank you very much. I just noticed that it is paused. Now I change to collect and try to get them from daily container again.
  11. I got Hai-Furi Collections From container already, But in Daily container , I am never get any collections from them. I have got only from mission Musahi and Yamato.
  12. I got 6 daily containers but no "Hai-furi Collection" in any containers. Mayme I'm unlucky.
  13. I try to play training room with bots, BUT bots are not moving or firing any armament.