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  1. fluffy723

    Four-Word-Story Game Redux

    From a really salty
  2. fluffy723

    Four-Word-Story Game Redux

    There was a large
  3. fluffy723

    #Ship rammed me and he flipped over HAHAHAHA!

    That is epic fail and i love it. the ability to ram is awesome.
  4. fluffy723

    Is this normal

    Mains, and i was being careful to stay out of everyones way. I have since had a few more battles with no problems so hopefully I was just really unlucky to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Playing games like this one expects a bit of "argy bargy" but that was right off tap and not a great intro to the game. I've had some coffee and now im over it but thx for your concern. P.S. i actually think the ability to ram your enemy is very cool...
  5. fluffy723

    Is this normal

    I am verrry new to WoW, I have played outher similar games but have never been T/K'd so consistantly. My first outing the ship next to me opend fire without warning, i understand accidents happen but i was fired upon 4 times after that and was forced to run and hide. 2nd match moveing into the battlespace i was "rammed" by my team mates 4 times twice each by 2 players and very nearly sunk. I was so badly damaged i could not contribute much to the battle. 3rd match, I was again fired upon multiple times, and the dude laughed about it and bragged how he {redacted} the noob up!! Is this what i can expect from the gamepop or was i just really {redacted} unlucky. It would be a real shame because what little i got to see of the game looked ok..
  6. fluffy723

    Ask me anything!

    Why are we here?
  7. Say if you are in a cruiser shooting 6 inch rounds at a destroyer, Ap rounds will often go right through and out the outher side. there are more than 1 type of Ap as there are many kinds of explosive shells as well. My father was RN (Gunnery Branch) as were 3 generations on his side of the family. So you could say it is kind of a "family tradition" to serve. The main round used by RN during WW II was actually a "dual purpose" shell that was basically a HE round with a "hardend" cap. A number of diffrent fuse settings were available and shells were usually "set" at the gun just prior to loading. I suppose it is my fault for Generically reffering to them simply as "HE". I do this as i find most people are generally bored and not very intrested with actual fact historical or outherwise.
  8. fluffy723

    Just asking: What is Poi?

    This whole thread has reduced me to a drooling poi induced facerolling wreck.... *woof* or *wuff* As a chef by trade poi sounds like something i would dip crackers in.... Poi out loud. PoL ....LoL poi ing on the floor... you got me doing it now....
  9. fluffy723


    I remember you from WoT, I agree with your comment on using player pop as an excuse. I would like to add, as a player of many games like this and having used many MM's in the past You can't please every one. If you "fix" one complaint you will usually just create more for someone else. They(from what i can see) work on averages not absolutes. people will ALLWAYS be unhappy no matter what the "dev's" do. The "dev's" seem to (and quite rightly so in my opinion) try to please the majority of the gamepop MOST of the time. Please try to remember, you are playing a FREE game......LoL Roll out the "flameing trolls" LoL RotF. P.S. good to see you man. Thx for the advice RE: WoT... made all the diff.
  10. fluffy723

    Introduction thread

    Hi i am fluffy, don't let the name fool you I do bite.. Like cold beer, I too am an aussie who has been around a bit and started on games like the original X-Com and warzone 2100(i still play it too). Occasional "console" abuser, but mainly Pc.. I have a Minibeast 4X AMD 2.8mhz a decent GPU, custom sound card and 16Gb ram @ 2800 Mhz. Games is the ONLY thing i do on it so it is configured and optimized just for that... All wrapped up in a BIG gameing box with enough fans to get an elephant in the air. I tried a laptop but was disapointed when it suddenly melted... I still laugh when i read posts beginning with "I don't know why my game won't run, my laptop" I am also hopelessly addicted to coffee.. (gamers Blood) Look forward to killing you all in battle at some time in the future...
  11. fluffy723

    Where Is the rest of the world?

    If i was ranting it would be in "caps" LIKE THIS.. Clearly you did not read ALL my posts on this thread or you would not have made such a silly remark... Thank you to ALL the outher poasters on this thread for the info and insights... The game plays well looks VERRRRY pretty, a bit dissapointed with the lack of nations and ships after all the hype but i will stick around to see what happens. I still play that OUTHER navy game so i have nothing to loose. It a free game after all..
  12. fluffy723

    Unfair battles

    This is really funny, ALL games like this have this problem. Cause... the world is NOT perfect. The fix... NO-ONE has found one to date... I will send you a memo when it happens.... Probably when we discover a race of flying pigs or find world peace... I will keep you posted... *snikker*
  13. fluffy723

    Why WOW is lagh ?

    Laptops are not great for games, no air space in them so they heat up. I still use a desktop with enough fans to fly an elephant. laptops are great if you like radiation burns and replacing them every 12 months or so. Tiny little screens too. Also you can't use a GPU so why bother.. Heat is BAD for computers....
  14. fluffy723

    Tips on what shell to use.

    Diffrent strokes for diffrent folks. Open em up with a few AP, wreck the armour then finish with HE rinse and repeat.... My own method, seems to work. should not need AP with smaller less armoured ships like DD's though.. Just saying... AP rounds can go right through a DD... Saw a sabot round go clean through a t 55 once. for real, not in a game..... that was the hull too, front to back... LoL....