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  1. MetamonC13

    "Better Upgrades"

    I suppose you're right, but it would be useful A balancing option I can think of at the top of my head is if Mikasa made it into a tier 3-4 game, if the person using said ship has bought an upgrade it becomes active to help them 'even out' at that tier
  2. MetamonC13

    "Better Upgrades"

    I don't have much to write about this idea, so i'll be brief But, wouldn't it be nice to give people the option to 'upgrade' an aspect of the ship they're driving as a form of modernization? Eg, things like speed, amount of AA guns (on ships that have little or none- or improve the ones available), reduce the detection range of a ship at the cost of armor or less armor for increased speed/vice versa? I'm sure someone in the comments will berate me for my idea or will produce a far better idea in response- so, those are my thoughts
  3. MetamonC13

    Phoenix - Oh my

    I've rarely gotten Citadels, due to almost never using AP XD I find my luck minimal with AP
  4. MetamonC13

    Mikasa availability

    I love my Mikasa How to play her (imo)> Go either left or right at the start of the match, on half speed so the enemy can get within range. If you're in 4-5 km range, get into 3km range and let your secondaries eat the enemy alive
  5. MetamonC13

    Phoenix - Oh my

    I usually full broadside (like an utter dunce XD) which is why i'm surprised I didn't get utterly decimated in this match Haven't tried the Kuma, once I finish the Americruiser line, I may try the Japanese one
  6. MetamonC13

    Phoenix - Oh my

    I've never, ever done this well in ANY ship... let alone the Phoenix (that i've lost plenty of matches in prior) Maybe the players today were just really bad at their jobs? I managed to kill a Kongo though, so A+? http://fav.me/d97fxyt