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  1. Yes sry for the spelling mistake I love to get one.
  2. Does any one know when will the Terpitz gonna gonna show up again ?
  3. Don't take it wrong I meant to say CV plains can fish out DD's from any where and most CV player do this and they don't worry about AA 'cos DD AA kind of sucks.
  4. Really they fix the bug by removing one part of that CV's main offensive against ground units then gave it to the other side wow what a balance and what about commander skills did they had a bug m8 they just f....ed up this 0.5.3. Also doing this makes CV player more rare which will lead to an infestation of DD's due to no predator to control them. Everything need to have something one the other side of the equal sign but these nurfs doesn't have jack sh.. on the other side of the equal nurfs are not justified the they did what they did to Light Tanks in WoT. They think this as balance but it's not I don't know when these guys make this decisions might be doing the evening high run.
  5. Just got to see this and well WG did it again broke something didn't need to be fixed grate work guys keep it up and make this another WoT on water.
  6. 100% agreed WoWS team seems to making the same mistake they made in WoT with light tanks which was the natural predator of arty but now they have rendered the LT's to be useless so Arty in WoT don't have predator to worry same thing happening here DD's are over whelming the game due to lack of CV players stop nurfing CV's and improve it a bit so more player pick up on playing CV's.
  7. Bukey

    Gaming Etiquette

    Well yes it's game but at times you own team just frustrates you to the point where you really need to let some steam out also this is MMO game there're lot of different people so we have to coop with them. You can't expect every one to be a Mr.Goody Goody if you don't like what they say then just don't look at the chat or ignore it just play the game.
  8. Bukey

    Patch 5.3 Dev Blog and Public Test

    Well it's not a buff it's consumable to be used on two under performing IJN DD's which actually has to give up range in order to get reload time but I have to check this out in the PT before going forward with it.
  9. Bukey

    Patch 5.3 Dev Blog and Public Test

    You don't have to re-register use your old login you used with old PT.
  10. I don't know about 5 miles but as DD player I know lower tier japan DD's detected at 6Km with the cammo and under they get detected by air ( if AA is off ) at 2.5Km and less. They have long range torps which have the max range of 7Km so the player have 1Km to close in drop and leave that the main strength of the IJN DD. When you go higher like tier 6 torps have a max range of 10Km and detectable range of the DD it self is far less but these torps have no guarantee that they will hit. DD's are the weakest in the game and in right hands it can be a game changer about 3Km less thing as you say it can be done just need to use something to block direct line of sight using an island or something drop the salvo then run but in open sea from all the game I've played have never seen a DD going undetected under 5Km and I'm talking about Km not miles. And in Mile 5Miles is 8.04 Km well that is beyond surface detection of the DD. DD will get detected when it falls under 6Km or 3.72823 Miles at that point you need to move quick and destroy it DD will have torps in water so just change your direction and drop your speed. USN an RN ships are gun boats so they have weak torps but better guns main goal get close kill as fast as you can then run. I did check your stats out from what I see you have a Tier 9 cruiser which you have used for 1 battle and mostly active in tier 3 ( 280 battles ) about your DD experience you have played total of 3 games in USN DD's which are mostly considered as gun boats not as DD's f you use them you wont be able understand what does DD really does use the IJN DD that's the one you're complaining or posting about. Another thing playing lot of lower tier matches you must have picked some bad habits. And if any one spot a DD near your team just change course, speed and get something in between you and the DD keep and out for the torp warning will help you a lot.
  11. Bukey

    Just love that moment when......

    I love the moment where I just carry the game to the end in my BB and love when playing my DD hitting ignorant BB's and CA's also killing other DD's with my USN DD. I love the moment where I just obliterate a stupid DD which is very stupid enough to come close when I'm in my BB and being the guy who sink the enemy BB or DD using my CA HE barrage. Also killing the guy who's hiding behind an island and trying to be a smart a....
  12. Bukey

    ARP Kongo Mission 2 (Help needed)

    Well I did this completely using my Cleveland just hang around BB's a solo one would be good from your own team when the CV player send plains to kill the BB act as his bodyguard and kill as much as you can using the plain and the AA skill also designate target manually which will focus fire the AA on that squad which will kill them very fast also use the AA consumable right at the moment when there's a good amount of plains.
  13. Bukey

    Patch 5.3 Dev Blog and Public Test

    I might play one or two in team thing but I'm a solo worrier in this game 'cos all my friends who started to play the game are in NA server and due to my location I'm in SEA and I kind of didn't think they would come over to this game when I started also after a very long queue time WG support said no to my request to change server I know its just a copy paste and they are full of crap. I don't see any one in SEA which I can team up with 99% of the people in here play like donkeys.
  14. Bukey

    Patch 5.3 Dev Blog and Public Test

    I'm downloading it now the PT and was based on the info released by WG any way WG if famous for breaking things which are fine m8.