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  1. New_Horizontal

    FPS Bug 0.9.9

    Except there is nothing that I can do this panel only shows more info and report what kind of this file is
  2. New_Horizontal

    FPS Bug 0.9.9

    I cannot get access to the file you mentioned, what to do?
  3. New_Horizontal

    A Case for Inclusivity

    Let's be real here this game have very long and steep curve to learn even game is quite "dumb down" for people in this new generation. people have to take so long time to learn due to the fact that you cannot understand mechanics from watching, you have to experience it on both ends. This game lack of any sort of meaningful tutorials for people to learn which is bizarre consider how steep learning curve can be and time you have to take in order to learn plus how erratic environment in PvP mode will not allow you learn much of it so to make thing easier for new player, they need to get babysat for quite sometime in order to learn (saying for 500 - 1000 games at least) and Intensive basics guide need to be very specific and make people learn as fast as they could. My intensive guide mean once you unlock each class, you have to pass intensive tutorial for each class which mean to be barrier for new people to learn and need trial to guarantee that they have enough knowledge to at least know what to do with their own ship. My estimation of complete guides set would take around 2 hours. However, people these day doesn't like taking long time just for learning. they want thing that made it easy for them (look at NA forum and you will understand what I mean). people doesn't like thing go harsh for them or they turned off instantly because they can't get good against it. For something like people turned off at T5, they don't stand the chance against T6 let alone T7 after they jumped from "newbie" pools into "experienced" pools. Even though I did support +-2 MM as for sake of variety and challenge and improvement, I do have sentiments on these "new player" that have to struggle their way since they barely able to fight ship at same tier against well-seasoned player. This is where MM could do some change to accommodate them to have at least some chance in learning i.e.. > MM algorithm needs to separate people below certain amount of battles from one who above it. And it should have several bars set for people to learn step by step - 100 battles - 250 battles - 500 battles - 1000 battles a above These are example of "laddering" that help new player excluded form experienced one and lower their chance to get "sealclubbed" and ragequit because of that. > MM algorithms need to make new player have more chance to be top tier. power of ship tier by tier is jumped up once you go higher tier, thus you have harder time fighting against one above you. I do not support +-1 MM because all it did is make game more one dimensional and dull. New players barely able to fight against ship in own tier let alone +1 tier and +2 tier respectively, algorithm need to make them fighting mostly ship in own tier with occasion of ship that tier higher come into pool according to ladder. the more PvP game under your belt, the more chance you get to fight tier higher as challenge your ability to learn but should not be excessive like currently we have now. this aimed for new player to get a grasp of how this game works so they stand better chance against experienced once they passed through T7. > MM algorithm needs to distribute chance to be "top tier" "middle tier" and "bottom tier" equally for one player. This is not only for new player that going to struggle in high tier once they get there, this is also for experienced player that did not enjoy being excessive in being too many "head" or "tail" in one tier. Balanced MM should distribute chance to be top tier, mid tier and bottom tier equally or 33% for each tier in order to make sure players has variety, challenge, nd enjoyment (I do not support +-1 because in the end you cant run away from fact that you will be either top tier or bottom tier which people hate to be latter half so you better come up with +-0 MM). > Remove some sort of exploiting MM (e.g. anchoring div or typical fail div combo) to seal away any chance to exploit MM for absolute gain for some people or just to cockblock new player in order to drive them away. and so many more I could come up with. In the end, people doesn't like when someone telling them what to do because that is their game, not the one who tell him what to do (even its team game) so you better let him think for himself and guide if necessary.
  4. New_Horizontal

    Question about US CL split

    The answer is you get compensation that similar to IJN DD and RU DD split. Assuming you have all US CA up to T9 what you should get are - Cleveland, you will get new Pensacola in your port with upgrade (supposedly you have all modules researched) and get new Cleveland at T8 stock - Pensacola, you get new New Orleans fully upgraded and your Pensacola at T6 if you have Cleveland and Pensacola already you get credits equal to ship cost at T6 - New Orleans, same deal with old Pensacola with T7 ship cost if you have old Pensacola and old New Orleans - Baltimore, you get T8 version and Buffalo ( if you fully upgraded old Baltimore you should get fully upgrade Buffalo as well) at T9, if you have both old New Orleans and Baltimore you should get T8 compensation For permanent camouflage, you will get camp for ship that being replaced and old ship that now retiered, except new year camo for New Orleans that will stay with New Orleans and Baltimore will not get that camo. At worst case, they could just return you dubloons and take away permacamo. As for commander, they will stay with tier that original ships used to be placed so your old Cleveland captain will be new Pensacola captain, same goes to Pensacola, New Orleans and Baltimore Lastly, ship XP will say at tier not ship, so your Cleveland XP will be on new Pensacola, (wargaming, maybe make some hard mission that allow us turn XP on Cleveland to free XP for free pls ) And expect no discount in respect captain and ship specialization. (Which is fair consider you already get so much from split). Just don't try to be NALUL like NA forumties that rampage on their forums right now. Better wait and see what official announcement has to say.
  5. New_Horizontal

    Mirrored matchmaking introduced in 0.7.4

    I don't think we need +-1 MM range for the sake of variety, it's challenging to play against ships that has 2 tier higher and you get better as more challenges come by, also ship by design were designed to be able to fight ship that 3 tiers higher (look back in CBT day and you will get it), thus +-2 is sweet and work just fine. Also, do not forget that you have to rebalance every ship to fit inside +-1 MM bracket and you have to remember that premium ship cannot be nerfed directly, +-1 MM will only make OP premium ships being more overpowered and no one want that. What is not fine about this +-2 MM is there are different templates that inserted inside +-2 MM formula such as protected MM around T3-T4 that use different formula in which ship from tier 5,6 and 8 are forced to get constantly put it uptiered. Simpler term for this is the ratios between being top, middle, and bottom tier is not exactly 33/33/33 The solution should be marker that check whether you are in top tier, mid tier or bottom tier in previous game of the day for tier you played. This marker should check and distribute your MM to guarantee you get good distributed MM which should be ratio 33/33/33 as I mentioned. Or remove protected barrier at T3/4 so T5/6/8 getting more distributed as tor tier or mid tier and implement new measurement to protect new player from getting kicked by experienced player. that's all I could say +-1 MM isn't an answer For SBMM this game has no need of that, if you need it badly, you have to answer so many questions that come afterwards such as > What is determination factor for "skill based" to be input into MM? > How you make sure that "stats" you picked for SBMM cannot be padded and entirely depends on your own skill > Would you consider SBMM to balance all ships type and tier or just certain type > Will there be any format you have to put in SBMM > How long MM take to match it reasonably well balanced? > Will it work in long term And so on My answer is there is no need of it at all due to those factors.
  6. New_Horizontal

    Is this the future of the WOWS?

    that's a bit overboard of weeb stuff on ship
  7. New_Horizontal

    Are you guys having good luck with Viva La France crates?

    so far, got a Bretagne and she is fine imo on serious note: I never even expect to get any ship from the containers because I'll start grinding at turrene anyways.
  8. I'm the only few people who hasn't convert any doubloons into free XP . the day Missouri was announced years ago is the first day I start collecting free XP from 10k to 750k in November last year. and this is only accounted only premium accounts and rare occasional papa flags (no camo and special flags whatsoever since its expensive to get). all I have to do is play regularly. it will take you awhile until you get a halfway toward 750k XP however after introduction of operations especially narai, you can start spam flags and camo without fear of wasting your precious camo/flags. That way you can get 750k in around 3-4 months since operations give more consistent result than random battles providing you win 5 stars operation. also it take me 3 months to get nelson after I got Missouri next goal is musashi for another 750k FXP warned: in order to achieve this, you have to accept the fact you can't use free XP to unlock modules or get new ship or you will drag your progress down.
  9. New_Horizontal

    Santa Claus boxes. Random giveaway. Today only.

    May the RNGsus be with me Dear RalphTheTheatreCat please give some gift to New_Horizontal sincerely
  10. New_Horizontal

    BEST START OF 2018!

    Cracking start Indeed "drakonation"
  11. New_Horizontal

    'Stat-bashing' - where do you draw the line?

    Statbashing is just one way to add toxicity to the game. Sometime, it is far better if you don't have it in the first place. I'm not gonna talk about XVM things, but allowing third party site to access API and allowed people to access others stat is one of the huge mistake weegee made. I'm all for banning XVM as long as they also ban warshiptoday, wowsstats and others People should only see their own star for gauge of measurement for improving performance only.
  12. New_Horizontal

    BEST START OF 2018!

    "Off the cracking start"
  13. New_Horizontal

    Goal(s) in 2018?

    You just jinxed yourself you know?