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  1. Kapitan_Zur_See_Hoffmann

    Commonwealth CL line, DD line intro [my proposed]

    Well if you want something different try the Achillies at T6 after her modification and upgrade due to battle damage. "While operating off Guadalcanal Island with US Navy Task Force 67 on 5 January 1943, she was attacked by four Japanese aircraft. A bomb blew the top off X turret, killing 13 sailors. Between April 1943 and May 1944 Achilles was docked in Portsmouth, England for repairs and modernisation. Her single 4-inch AA guns were replaced by the dual-purpose QF 4 inch Mk XVI naval gun in four twin mountings, modern radar was fitted, and the damaged X turret was replaced by four QF 2 pom poms in a quadruple-mount" would be an AA type cruiser different from the British Light CL (the Leander in game already, and also New Zealand crewed ship)
  2. Kapitan_Zur_See_Hoffmann

    Aggressive or overextend?

    There's a fine line between aggressive and over extended. What usually happens is when you are pushing in your BB with support, the first sign of enemy ships your team turns tail and runs. Suddenly you go from aggressive to overextended. On this server it doesnt reward aggressive play, because as you mentioned you are focus fired and die.
  3. Kapitan_Zur_See_Hoffmann

    Have you got your T-61?

    Nope. Gonna wait till next Friday.
  4. Kapitan_Zur_See_Hoffmann

    Soviet Cruiser T9 Kronshtadt

    If you can't beat them,,,,,,,join them
  5. Kapitan_Zur_See_Hoffmann

    Japanese Naval flag

    Just mod it rising sun and Kriegsmarine flag. Job done. Well that's what I do after EVERY update.
  6. Kapitan_Zur_See_Hoffmann

    I got deliberately blown by a green team ship

    Lol Reading the title I thought this was a porn post
  7. Kapitan_Zur_See_Hoffmann

    What ports you guys want to see in-game next?

    THIS Home port of the mighty Scharnhorst
  8. Kapitan_Zur_See_Hoffmann

    Australian potatoes

    Typical - but as usual you are wrong https://youtu.be/NE-al0xSFJo
  9. Kapitan_Zur_See_Hoffmann

    how do you play ijn bb

    LOL I thought your name was Rina Porn when I first read it!!!!! Sorry my bad
  10. Kapitan_Zur_See_Hoffmann

    Australian potatoes

    Well done boys. Just a pain it's so late, us oldies need our sleep!!
  11. Kapitan_Zur_See_Hoffmann

    How to deal with unsportsmanship in team play

    Wow that's pretty arrogant. Never insulted or questioned your ability is this what they teach you in your country? I just don't like the stats game being rolled out for whoever it is. I find it insulting some are just not good (like me) but we strive to get better and try to play the objective. Sometimes this gets you killed quick.
  12. Kapitan_Zur_See_Hoffmann

    How to deal with unsportsmanship in team play

    Ahhhh didn't take long, its the old stats line. quote updated ~tc1259
  13. Kapitan_Zur_See_Hoffmann

    How to deal with unsportsmanship in team play

    Enlighten me
  14. Kapitan_Zur_See_Hoffmann

    Scharnhorst vs Gneisenau

    Yes keep the Big "G" Fun ship need to get close for the awful dispersion. Hits hard and with AR can reload a lot faster. With more and more CVS turning up its AA is great - I love shooting down planes (hate them) 128mm secondaries do good damage and have decent range, and torps to finish off. It's German what more do I need to say
  15. Kapitan_Zur_See_Hoffmann

    Secondary build skills

    My 19 pt kap for Bismarck Pm, AR, Bft, Aft, Ms, Bs, Ha, Reasons? Cause the Bismarck has one of the better secondaries, and with hydro can bully the dds at the cap. When they come under secondary fire they usually bail. True secondary build can be situational, but it's a blast when it works.