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  1. No you didn't. First match diagonal spawns. alt f4
  2. elodea

    are CV OP

    I remember when people were arguing so hard that CV was not OP. Funny days.
  3. elodea


    I have played baltimore alot. I've played the USN CA/CL line alot. I know how to play both CA's and CL's in all their differing roles. And i've played OP CV's alot, so now you know I also understand how the AA game works. Good, now let's stop using childish arguement tricks that attack the source rather than the information provided by the source. Now, baltimore is without a doubt horrible relative to other ships it's same tier and even a few below. Some people will defend the ship and say it's not bad because it shoots planes blah blah, and they would be half right. It's bad because that's all it can do. Which might be ok if it truly was a wonder ship that could protect your bb's from torpedo's being launcher, but rather comically it's core aa dps range has ben put at 3.5km. So most plane kills scored by the baltimore are just cleaning up after the horrific damage has already been done. And if anyone still disbelieves how bad this ship is, hard stats can be used to shut them up.
  4. elodea

    Combat Air Patrol over own CV or fleet

    Neither. Send them into the middle of the map on left and right. Scout and use your powers of deduction.
  5. And what are you going to do now that you are stuck driving forward towards other enemy bb's? This is as silly as saying DD's don't push away BB's. Also, not every map is Ocean. You want to push through some chokepoint against an ijn ca, be prepared to eat a face full of torps. They dont even need to hit to be a huge advantage simply by making the BB turn into a bad position. I don't think you've played against good IJN CA players yet. About the turret angles, that's simply not true. For example, mogami has 6 guns forward (same as new orleans), with 9 forwarwd at a steep angle. That thing is a cleveland on major steroids, with torps.
  6. elodea

    Observations from an experienced IJN CV driver

    I agree with most of your stuff, though i never played WoT so i just skimmed that. And yea you have a valid point to say that low and mid tier matters just as much. However i would say that because ships have no aa in low tier, you can afford to be overly patient and wait for the perfect angle and opportunity to torp someone. Low tier BB's arn't exactly known for being very maneuverable either :p. Wait for it to get to full turn, then simply switch 180 to the other facing. Again pretty easy to do quickly if you are coming towards the ship, not chasing it - due to both lower potential turn angle required and higher relative speed. This tactic has worked great for me in mid tiers too in ryu and hiryu. Also, iirc torp damage stays constant throughout the tiers whereas ship hp does not. One torp on a low tier surface ship does relatively more damage than one torp against for example a yamato :p.
  7. elodea

    Observations from an experienced IJN CV driver

    Torpedo bombers are not as easy to dodge as some in this thread make them out to be. Those instances where you only got hit by 1 or 2 torps in a BB are because the opposing CV was a noob. Torp bombers can out turn anything, even CA's, especially so in high tier. You just have to not be braindead and follow some obvious rules. Most competent CV players i see in the wild have no problems. Unfortunately, i also see alot of incompetent CV players. 1) Your planes attack vector should be opposite to the targets vector. That is, you should always be flying towards the target from the front, not from behind, so that either direction he decides to lock in a turn (or not) you can much more quickly out turn him and drop a nice birthday present. Always stay in front, it's ezpz. 2) You should be keeping aware of when people are using defensive fire on your planes. If the angle becomes very large, pull the planes away asap and come back in 20 seconds or so when it's over. That said, you shouldn't be targeting the USN CA's even if they dont have defensive fire up because they really don't pose much of a threat to your team on the water, as much as a BB or IJN CA does. 3) If they are all stacking hardcore and you don't have the imba hangar capacity of a t10 to send endless wave upon wave, then target the IJN CA's on the outskirts, wait for their team to engage yours and break up, try to spot dd's, or follow your teammates planes around and present an even nicer birthday present for some poor chap. Nothing says i love you like 4-6 torp squads. 4) If he is slowing down, you should be watching for this and adjust the drop accordingly. No Ship can drastically slow down enough to avoid torps in about 300m. The only reason this works is because CV players in the wild are bad. As for the effectiveness of stacking together making CV's useless, thats ridiculous in the context of half the game modes having multiple capture points.
  8. elodea

    Map veto

    The problems with hotspot are really very obvious, it's truly horrible design to the point of ineptitude. And when you look at the feel of the map, it isn't just that it plays badly but you gotta ask what kind of idiot engages naval forces like that in the first place? It isn't internally consistent with how the ships are designed to interact with each other - square peg in circle hole. 1. One side will always spawn with much less ships than the other, and when you have a CV in that lesser number side, the gankfest becomes truly horrific. 2. The compositions are random for all effects and purposes. You can get heaps of BB's and not many CA in a side or vice versa. The team which correctly guesses (50% chance. Such skill) and ganks the side with either less spawned players or poor composition will win through a deterministic snowball. When they both guess right, the side with the poorer randomly generated composition will lose. Outcomes are not based on controllable factors like player/team skill and positioning etc but 100% on uncontrollable factors relating to the matchmaker, resulting in many time and credit wasting matches. It's just unacceptable to allow that kind of a map to feature heavily in high tier games. Especially with the high repair costs.
  9. elodea

    Fighters are to be honest, broken

    I found Hiryu exceptionally strong. It's the first IJN CV that has the 2-2-2, and the shokaku ft has only 6 dps more plus some hp. Hiryu ft will tend to beat out everything on the same tier, and obliterate everything below. Just like the taiho does. If you have problems with enemy FT for whatever reason, you should have been luring them away out of position with dive bombers, or travelling with your team and shotgunning people from closer range. Or you can wall creep around. The enemy cannot have fighters everywhere, and if you are against USN CV just remember you have more squadrons than him. I would not be complaining about CV's as they are op as hell even when supressed. The only reason you will perform 'badly' in a hiryu (which is statistically basically the same as a normal game for any other ship class) is due to bad matchmaking putting you up against more or higher tier CVs. *Instead, maybe check that you have the right modules and commander skills. Those relating to survivability and fighter efficiency.
  10. elodea

    Map veto

    Please let us veto atleast 1 map when entering the MM. I don't want to play that utterly horrible gank map called hotspot where everything depends on RNG spawn compositions.
  11. Wait till you get to t9/10. Dodge and turn all you want however early you want, even in a CA you will inevitabely take 5+ torps to the face from something like a midway while you will only kill at most 2-3 planes (out of over 100 in hangar lol). Either they will out turn you, shoot chasing torps behind you to lock you in and then blast your side, or they will bring up a second squad onto your other side and sit there just as a threat to conserve torps. There's nothing remotely challenging about it. Ofcourse assuming the CV is playing nice and not glitching his planes to turn 180 degrees instantly, or glitching the torpedoes to curve into you from another side.
  12. elodea

    coffee time

    The point of that big armour is so that the actual HE shell does no (or very little) damage, which is what happens after the CL/CA or DD has hit all of your superstructure already and you are still alive. Wait untill you start playing t8+ BB's and you will see very clearly why fires are needed so that you arn't a 100% invincible bathtub of destruction. Should probably remind you to also put on damage control mod and spec into fire prevention and survivability (it's only 3 points dude..).
  13. elodea

    My Fuso experience

    I killed a fuso with one torpedo from a torp bomber the other day. It did 45k damage. I wonder if it was you.
  14. I still don't get what you're trying to say? What does this have to do with the OP topic of torpedoes? Planes definitely do funky crap, there is alot of video evidence of this, and it is evident from the statistics that there is something funky going on among other things. If you're trying to compare your stats to mine in a woeful attempt discredit incredibly large population samples by 'shooting the messenger', it would be best to know i use an air superiority bogue that has no torps for cathartic purposes (which should have been readily apparent if you really did know your CV's). *The Hosho is me 'joining them if you can't beat them', but that will have to wait untill the server lag issues are fixed.