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  1. Indiexanna

    Radar Mino still good

    Radar Mino is my absolute favourite ship in the game. See my Mino stats to get an idea how much I love this ship. I use smoke Mino Sometimes but the ratio is like 80% playing radar and 20% playing smoke.
  2. Indiexanna "Third Patch Lucky"

    Bear in mind this will probably also affect aircrafts from consumables so yeah. This indirectly also slightly nerfed Battleships and Cruiser's spotting abilities too
  3. Indiexanna


    Wow, they are now nerfing the only thing Haku's torp bombers excel at. (spotting) Now Hakuryu only has TWO effective attack methods while Midway still sails away with THREE Oh wait, the attack aircrafts are getting nerfed too Oh well, I guess it's ONE and TWO respectively...
  4. Disgusting, totally disgusting "Undoubtly best ability to carry damage in any chosen part of the map" Yeah... obviously best carry damage in game... Just look at this unrivaled carry ability
  5. Indiexanna

    I've sold my Carriers.... Anyone else?

    Free EXP to tier X carriers man Gameplay is so braindead easy, I got 3 krakens today
  6. Indiexanna

    Graphic/ Rendering issue

    Really?? A format to report a visual bug?! Please... what's this, government bureaucracy?? What are you going to do if we won't follow the format? Ignore the reports? Destroying the potential of devs looking into it? 1. Description : Island suddenly fail to render during the beginning of the match 2. Reproduction steps : Unknown 3. Result : See attachments 4. Expected result : What we usually see on Trap 5. Technical details : -
  7. Indiexanna

    Aiming problem

    The problem is, it does not act like how you shoot when you deploy a scout plane. The viewing angle is very low, like you're shooting from the cannon itself Yes, it turns out to be the scroll. It was too zoomed out, I had to zoom back in (keep scrolling up) to get the usual aiming back. I thank everyone who replied. I'm sorry I made a fuss over this
  8. Indiexanna

    Aiming problem

    I have a question. What is happening to my aiming? When you press shift to aim, the camera locks onto the sea surface (or horizon) as you move your aim left and right and set the distance of your shot. But sometimes it does not lock onto the sea surface and makes it extremely difficult to aim and you can aim at the sky O_O This occured to me around 4-5 times already just today, all of them when playing as a destroyer (haven't played another ship type for today). I don't think I pressed anything wrong, so... could this possibly a bug? Here's a picture of it