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  1. ShocknAwe371

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    the KGV is actually the Duke of York which is EVEN BETTER....
  2. ShocknAwe371

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    Its not vanguard. the turrets are not correct and the rear lacks a main battery range finder. Its basically a Vanguard follow-on, much as Vanguard herself was a Lion design with 15 inch turrets.
  3. ShocknAwe371

    My guess for the new Pan-Asia prem ship

    An Arethusa class premium will sell VERY well. First it was the flagship of the Chinese navy (don't discount nationalism) and its a British Cruiser we haven't yet seen in game...can't wait.
  4. ShocknAwe371

    When Alabama in stock in Asia server?

    I too have BEEN MYSTERIOUSLY down voted for expressing my displeasure at this. Im thinking its aliens....
  5. ShocknAwe371

    THANKYOU WG for hearing us...

  6. ShocknAwe371

    The Ship whos name SHALL not be mentioned....

    my bad only one post deleted
  7. TWICE i have posted youtubes in a certain ST ship that were reasonable and well balanced. Twice they were removed. Haven't insulted anyone haven't broken the rules.
  8. ShocknAwe371

    USS Alabama Only for Supertesters

    prob true but its so gonna happen. noobs won't care
  9. ShocknAwe371

    USS Alabama Only for Supertesters

    Exactly, it will be a marked ship, it just depends if the hatorade is so great it tk'd immediately or priority marked for destruction by the enemy. The STs will find little joy from it.
  10. ShocknAwe371

    USS Alabama Only for Supertesters

    its an unfortunate REALITY that any Alabama will be tk'd and singled out for extermination by EVERYONE completely ruining any match its in. PAYING customers fund this game and well the bama is just too iconic to be an elite ship unavailable to all. Many are deciding to withhold payments of new ships in protest as well. Just read the forums. People vote with their wallets / tks.
  11. ShocknAwe371

    British cruisers

    radar duh
  12. ShocknAwe371

    In the name of sanity

    I see here my work is done..."Fair winds and following seas"