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  1. She's not a bad ship, its just Warspite is so much better
  2. oh so you got Midway as your first tier ten too? wasn't it fun having to deal with monster aa in a ship you STILL had to upgrade to actually be able to semi do your job properly? we don't even get Banshees like she did way back in the day to make it feel worth it. i was then surpised when i got Yamato and saw i didn't have to upgrade anything
  3. whelp, time to stay away from warships for a bit
  4. i think a lone BB is gonna get burned to death and focused fired down
  5. Yeah this sett up makes me think my group of friends won't be taking part in this clan season. My only teir 10 ships are Midway and Yamato and having to learn the rental ships while under fire is a stupid idea
  6. Personally i don't mind seeing tier 5s in operation. Seen some bad plays in both, have done terrible in both tiers myself. its down to the player i think. that said carriers might want to be locked to teir 6 so they can manual drop, or maybe give back manual drops to low tiers please
  7. Well the testing is due to start in a few days and i've been left out. I guess Zepplin will ahve to sit in port untill the testing is done and i can actualy sortie her
  8. and they mentioned they are sending out second wave of invites to those who may of missed the first lot. I was gifted Graz Zepp by a freind and really want to help make the ship decent, but i never got the first one. The Facebook group hasn't mentioned anything and i sent a support ticket asking what's going on, and got told to wait. i was wondering if any other Zeppelin owners here on the Asia server are likewise waiting or i'm just left out in the cold to wait for the changes to go through.
  9. Same here, is it the downtime for the update wrong or did it just detonate for fun and engaging game play?
  10. oh i see. That's weird. I'm 98% certain i cleared in in Bot matches. I don't think Senarios count though
  11. I did most of them in co-op myself. If its the battleship kills taht ahve you stuck you can't be playing a battleship for the kills to count.
  12. I thought the whole point of her being in the random battle queue is to see how she performs? speaking of, how does one sign up to this feedback facebook mentioned?
  13. Hmm, that's a shame, as my Ranger is my only tier 7, ah well, i guess i can do without Ranked for a while anyway. would be nice if we could select our own airwing line, but i have no idea what that would do to balance and a Hiryu loaded all fighters is a scary thought in itself
  14. So hey guys, hoping you guys can help me figure out something. I've been trying out the ranked mode in my USN Carriers, currently have the USS Ranger, but it seems if the opposing Carrier is IJN, which it almost always is, i become pretty much useless due to their overwhelming squadron advantage. I usually sally forth with the Fighter heavy load-out for this reason, but with only two fighter squadrons, i get pounced by THREE IJN fighter squadrons, and their extra bomber groups (which almost always consist of two torp bombers) are free to nip on by and cause damage to my allies while my CAP is occupied. The two dive bomber squadrons are forced to lurk around my fleet as if i escort them, they do little damage and the fleet gets hit, or if i escort teh fleet they still get hit and my bombers orbit my flightdeck, hoping for a lone BB or DD to take a rush of stupid and wander away from his AA cruiser buddies I'm not seeing how USN Carrier is supposed to be helpful in ranked, especially since their choice in air groups is, well, crap. The stock loadout can't defend itself or the fleet while also being crap at dealing damage, the two fighters and two bombers load-out i pointed out above, and the bomber heavy one is basically saying, here have some free xp, i can't defend myself or my airgroup. Having more planes per squadron is great in theory, but all it seems to do for me is give the enemy more xp and credits and lock me into a semi-useful role the IJN carrier can just bypass with their excessive amount of squadrons