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  1. NeoMasaki

    Go grab a Tirpitz

    So the time has come for German ships, I've been waiting for you...and it's time to rek some noobs
  2. This ID: [Content Redacted], Came in yelling in public chat on how bb are worthless due to his last match. While all the other players are struggling since we don't have a cv and the other team does, this Player just started firing torps at our own bb including me. What's more, he felt good and was satisfied doing so. I agree there are lots of hard matches for everyone, anyone can get frustrated... but letting it out on your own teammate and insulting other players is not something you do. I hope I got some people's attention, and if you're playing as a battleship while on [Content Redacted]'s team...beware of his torpedo if he's right next to you. Naming and shaming. Post title edited, post edited, attachments edited, user warned. ~Syanda
  3. Don't think they ever launched it, but they did have "Sakura" planes which were planned for the use of Kamikaze. The CVs that carried those planes never made it to their destination.
  4. NeoMasaki

    Minekaze Torpedo choice

    I'd go for the 10km torp as well. But some players do spam them a lot like nonsense...
  5. NeoMasaki

    USS Albany

    As Long as you keep a lil distance from enemy dd...you're good.