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  1. Seaworrior

    Going Pink for stupid reasons

    Shore we make mistakes but what is wrong with it now is while you are pink every little bit of damage you or your team mates inflict on you costs you more and more days of been pink now that is stupid. Like at the start of match ship behind takes off and brushes your side as it passes 1 extra day of pink. Stay well away from the whole team or pay.
  2. Totally agree Most of the videos online promote the type of play style players constantly complain about, when will we see something new and innovative. Like to see what you can achieve with an organized combined force of vessels working together instead of having to watch the current boring crop. Not a lot out there promoting team play. I would love to see what vessel combinations can turn the tide of a battle.
  3. Seaworrior

    Endless Cycle of Frustration - Ranked Battles

    This link explains amount of time it takes to rank up, way to much pressure for very little gain really. http://shipcomrade.com/news/116/getboat-time-management.html
  4. Seaworrior

    Cowardice and Incompetence - Asia server meta

    I am like the rest sick of the game play, but what can we do about it? i just thought it would help if we had some fan made videos of what you can do as a small team working together, I mainly find solo videos that show a lot of what we have all come to hate. Hope things change soon, developer was never able to fix the same issue in the other titles either. If you know of any links to different play styles let me know i can't find any.
  5. Seaworrior

    Cowardice and Incompetence - Asia server meta

    Don't be so harsh on our Asian neighbours they at least give the game a try, unlikely for me to play any game not in English(only language i know) and lets face it communication is difficult in game. Style of play comes from the development of the game it's self, most of the online help videos show the tactics we all dislike. If we had a few videos showing tactics involving more than one ship maybe things would change, I like to play support not lead. Language not an issue in a few videos showing vast advantage of combining a few ships to form a small battle group supporting each other. I have looked without much luck can anyone suggest a link for me? We only play the game the way we have been shown most of the time, and i don't always like my style of play in some circumstances but it works for me not the team. I like all would love to see a shift in play style, new maps and weather effects great love it. .
  6. Seaworrior

    Why Does the Atlanta...

    Really what are you trying to prove in this reply, has nothing to do with the subject of Atlanta been a frustrating ship to play. Stats are stats i have no time for them meaningless numbers that's why i like them private so i am not pre judged i am not just a number. You on the other hand seam to have an issue with it. Realism perspective which one? Historical was a fact and in game Arcade perspective same as yours. Don't keep telling players to quit game because they don't always agree with you, will have no players left. I love the game only posted to support fellow players frustration with ship in game don't get me started on the DD Campbelltown. looking forward to update 055 maybe Atlanta can hide in a cyclone .....
  7. Seaworrior

    Why Does the Atlanta...

    That was a good description of the type of replies seen and posted by the same culprits makes you wonder if they have shares in the company. This reply only shows that there could be a privacy issue with players data that maybe could be investigated, like to think that developer keeps mine private. Atlanta i don't own one but i understand his frustration with the ship and that's what he was posting about nothing more he was not expecting a refund. Atlanta was meant to full fill the role of scout light cruiser for the battle group but she failed instead she and her sister ships where given the role of Anti-aircraft cruisers, note the only two cruisers of the class that engaged in surface combat in WW2 were sunk : Atlanta and Juneau Guadalcanal Campaign. Hiding behind islands didn't help these two or the lives lost. I have no idea why Atlanta is in this game at all we don't form up into a battle group, so she has a very limited role even less if the CV not there. Hunting DD give me a break she can't get caught in the open. As for in this arcade game hide as much as you like you stick out like a sore thumb as soon as you open fire and that's the death of you, cannon fodder for players. Has been noted game play at Teir VII not much fun anymore with current player tactics, be honest if you have a choice of a vessel to fight your last battle Atlanta does not come to mind. Nice Youtube of Atlanta in action how many takes to get that one or was it staged. So i feel for the guys frustration of spending on a poor choice done it myself with Mikasa/Ishizuchi in the past, you can park or sell them.
  8. Seaworrior

    Not a fan of RU cruisers so far

    What a disappointment these Russian ships turned out to be game numbers dropped on release, but what did everyone expect. One of the main reasons the ships never left the drawing boards was because they realized early on they where crap. Hope the RN line up is not going to be the same, German cruisers hard to get used to but in the end i found them fun to play. I am at the tier VI Budyonny at the moment and playing her like my Konigsberg/Nurnberg AA is better, major issue is torps just one and it's sayonara. I am still looking for the sweet spot with her, the Budyonny looks good at least,
  9. Seaworrior

    Sims torpedos

    Great idea buff the DD Sim .....add better torpedos and maybe improve the Armour. Players never happy, instead of the buff just drop it a tier so that it shines. Sorry forgot no vessels allowed to shine in this game may end up been fun to play.
  10. Well the game is now become pointless at any point of sail with these hacks players able to enter the game and citadel me from max range LOL , had some great games for two weeks after release of patch 0.5.3 (hacks out of action). So easy to tell the difference between players with and without, [content removed] Inappropriate content. Post edited, thread locked, user warned. ~amade
  11. Not a lot of reasons to stay close to teammates other than using them to shield you from torp's or in coming shells, and of cause let's not forget to use teammates to wear target vessels down so we can steal the kill. Game gives no incentive to players to team up no points/ep for protecting BB's from DD's or giving AA support other than create an illusion that you will be better off teaming up.And the in game message system is useless do away with "That was a great battle" and "Good luck everyone" with something useful like "you want to team up" or "you need help" please something better than great battle or good luck. I love the game and give support in all types of vessel roles in most games i play, it would be nice to receive some recognition from the game mechanics for doing so.
  12. Seaworrior

    Why there are DDs that shoot like a Cruiser.?

    Totally agree with you I totally agree with you, it's happened to me on a number of occasions and like you have found it very frustrating to one hit them with my BB New York or get out of their range. It's been the Anshan manly for me and worse when you get two of them sharing smoke screens. As for help well hands are full zig zagging rain of shells....sometimes you will get a cruiser come help you. But it's going to happen when you give players off the street an op DD for $25 i bought one LOL.
  13. Seaworrior

    take ocean out of the map rotation

    Map Ocean is boring and the one i hate most, really no point to it please remove it or give me a choose to opt out instead of having to leave at start. They didn't make a large field map for WOT's maybe fun at least you would be able to find cover behind knocked out tanks.