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  1. MissChina

    PT 0.11.7 Feedback Thread

    I like the dry dock and seeing the new ship being built. I like the new port. I wish the naval base could be modelled like that. I like the field of view and the camera height though not sure how to use it. Then the spotting aircraft view has also changed and looked quite the same to the original view. Last, perhaps WG can consider rewarding 1day of premium a/c after a specific number of battles as we spent our times trying the public test and lost out in playing the main game.
  2. MissChina

    Combat Missions in Update 0.9.0

    Dear Wg, can we have all resources when choosing the resource container ner and not have a mixed of flags? A super container will be most appreciated. :)
  3. MissChina

    Lunar New Year: Last Chance!

    Dear Wg, Can u provide instalments for buying items/ships from the premium shop? Ships are getting very expensive these days. There so many things to spend on while our resources are limited. Also, when its the last day for the Lunar ships sale?
  4. MissChina

    Clan Battles: "Sea of Fortune" Season

    Dear WG, Have u considered to lengthen the time for clan battles to a longer session or even the whole day during weekdays/weekends? The fact is that not all gamers can get together at a specific due to all reasons. This goes to especially our Aussies and NZ mates who had to suffer late nights/early morning to play clan battles which might( usually) cause social/work problems. If u can let rank battles conduct the whole day, I don't see why u can't. Furthermore, U might be surprised that there will be more participation among gamers that can organise their own timings and not towards the WG's timing. I am sure the Aussies and NZ mate or other national mates will welcome the idea as their timing are 4-6 hours ahead of your time u set. Most of my clan mates are already sleeping or told to sleep bcos of work or studies. For your considerations.
  5. MissChina

    Public Test of Update 0.9.1: Round 2

    Dear WG, Can we have the credits, cxp, xp and fxp, etc earned during the public test battles to be credited to the main account? Otherwise, there won't be enough players to play as it is a waste of time to test the pubic test with only 2 rewards as we also have other mission to accomplish for the main account. The other rewards will take a long time and we don't so much time to do so many missions on 2 servers at the same time. Hence, everyone will start leaving after the first 2 rewards. for your considerations.
  6. MissChina

    Armada: Indomitable

  7. MissChina

    Armada: Indomitable

  8. MissChina

    Double Recruitment Points - Ends This Weekend!

    Dear WG. I have some clan/ex-clan mates who had not been playing for a long time. I want to invite them back I don't have their email so can u let us use their nickname to send the invite code? Many of them are veterans and big spenders. Most likely, they have played other games now. as a feedback, making the game too challenging will only let most of the average players leave the game. E.g. adding submarines to the game will make the game harder to play. Also, nerfing a ship is also a negative factor. If u find 1 ship is op, U should buff other ships to make them more balance rather than nerfing them. Imagine u buy/research a ship that is so under-power that the bullets are flying everywhere except the target, will u enjoy the game? will u buy ships again? If u continue to nerf ships, then all the ships will be so under-power and the whole game will be so boring like shooting fireworks to targets. The game is to cater to most of the average players and not the dream team. U ask a super-tester/pro to test ships, all ships to them are op. U should ask all players to test out the wip ships during the public test and get feedback. That should provide the best balance review. When all the avg players start leaving the game, then it would be too late to change course. I have read so many stories about people losing the game for days until they give up in FB forum. Yours sincerely.
  9. MissChina

    Weekly Combat Missions – Happy New Year!

    Thank you very much for your generosity, WG.
  10. MissChina

    Armada: Indomitable

    Dearest WG, can we have the ship in the Armory for the ship for doubloons?
  11. MissChina

    Season’s Greetings from the World of Warships Team

    Happy New Year 2020 WG Team and Best Wishes to future endeavours!
  12. MissChina, Ranked Sprint: Tier VIII Duels

    Dear Wg, this is really innovative. it eliminates the probability of getting ''bad teams'' hence one has to rely on himself, and no one to blame for the defeat. I also like the irrevocable criteria. My only wish is that it could be extended longer as there are so many missions, and directives to accomplish, Please give an event with a longer period so as not let us feel so pressurize to ''work for the game'' but rather, still play for the games. Also, some directives don't account the points for playing in rank battle. Therefore, as we have limited time due to work or studies, it's very hard to juggle which to play and accomplish first. Also, another suggestion I'd like to make is that the snowflake should be able to obtain ''by playing a battle'' and ''not winning a battle''. The reason is all players will flock to play co-op and not random to get the snowflakes faster. Hence, there will be a lesser group of players playing random which makes MM longer and harder. This is esp true for players with hundreds of ships. The bottom line is that it makes MM very difficult in random. Sometimes only 4 vs 4 or T7 in T9/T10 match. This will lead to players hating the MM, then towards the game.
  13. MissChina

    Last Chance to Get Your Hands on Festive Treats!

    Dearest WG, may I suggest there is a countdown clock on the premium shop for items discounted within a certain period? Some of them may be like me that needs to check timings for my paycheck or the credit card starting date so as to not miss the discounted price. Anyway, many thanks for the discounts and hope that more to come 🙂
  14. MissChina

    Dockyard: the Rules Made Simple

    Dear WG, the idea of building the ship is really creative, innovative and genius. However, the requirements for the directives are really impossible to achieve given such a short time. Can u consider lower the requirements? The Royal Navy directives will be coming soon so the majority of us who need to work or study will really find it tough. The flip side could lead to some gamers giving up the game. Kindly re-consider. Some other things I wish WG can improve are 1. Matchmaking-try to limit MM within 1 tier and not 2 tiers difference. 2.Torps warning- allied torps should be given earlier warning just like the using of hyro-search and radar search signals, both in the message, voice comm. and flashing signal on the firing ship. This will result in un-necessary friendly fire against own team-mates. E.g. there was once when I fired the torps when I saw my teammate leaving my target area but suddenly he turned around and ran into my torps thus we lost the battle. Worst, I get scoldings from own team and laughter from adversaries. Yours sincerely.