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    Launcher Error Code 31.95322

    i already reinstal game, but still error
  2. BattleShipCanon_Haruna

    need help, Error Extract File

    can someone explain, why i always getting error while extract file in my launcher? its said ERROR: patch installation. name: "wows_31.95322_client.patch", what: extract file error, msg: name="I:\World_of_Warships\Updates\wows_31.95322_client.patch" file="res\content\gameplay\usa\ship\battleship\textures\ASB017_Montana_mg.dds" to="I:\World_of_Warships\UpdatesData\client\wows_31.95322_client.patch\" WARNING: Deletion of invalid patch: "wows_31.95322_client.patch". then update data in my launcher back to 2,6gb, and must download wows_31.95322_client.patch again. but after that error again.. pls