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  1. What happens to my hiryu? I really like her as a CV and now they gonna remove her. I hope they bring her back in the future.
  2. Loshirai14

    CV Rework Feedback-Balance

    Haven't played the current CV rework beta but i think they should add credit cost for each plane you use. This would make CV players hesitate just yoloing their planes to any target. Unlimited planes just doesn't make sense so just give them some consequence for losing too much planes by paying more credits. Once this CV rework comes to live, they should add an option where you can set if MM will put you in a game with CV or not. This will show how much of the playerbase wants to fight against the new broken damage farming CV meta.
  3. Loshirai14

    black screen after pressing PLAY

    So i uninstalled the game again then downloaded an installer of the old launcher, re-downloaded the game and it finally works.
  4. Loshirai14

    black screen after pressing PLAY

    Game is stuck after pressing PLAY in the launcher. The process stops responding and just shows a black window. The game was working a week ago. I uninstalled it a few days ago and reinstalled it today. already tried check and repair
  5. Loshirai14

    How to (realistically) fix camping meta

    You want to fix the camping meta? Here's the best solution: Independent Spotting System - The only ship you can see are those that is within your line of sight. Ships spotted by your teammates will just show up on the map as outlines and will not be visible to the player if there is something blocking the view. Teammates are also affected by this system which means, a teammate that is not within your line of sight will also be invisible to the player. Limited Target Lock System - You cannot lock on targets farther than 15 km which will make your shots very inaccurate.
  6. Loshirai14

    How much win rate is good enough?

    WINRATE means how much luck you had on having a decent team and a weak enemy team. Teaming up with UNICUM / SUPER UNICUM (PRO) players can significantly increase the value. AVERAGE DMG means how much you influence each and every battle you've played. The higher the value, the more you contribute to your team. AVERAGE EXP is something that doesn't matter much since premium users will normally get higher values. If you can get higher values without premium means you're a better player. SURVIVAL RATE is how good you are at staying alive. The higher the value this has, the better a player you are, specially when your AVERAGE DMG is also on high values. AVERAGE KILLS is something not really relevant. As long as your AVERAGE DMG is high, then you're fine. AVERAGE PLANE KILLS is a useless stat if you don't main carriers. KILLS/DEATHS: if your AVERAGE DMG and your SURVIVAL RATE is high, this stat will automatically be high.
  7. Loshirai14

    What's your cursed ship class?

    CV. Got stuck on tier VII because it's filled with P2W trash.
  8. Loshirai14

    The Eight Special Types of Players

    The Pacifist An extremely rare type of player. They usually quit the game after playing 1 battle.
  9. Loshirai14

    Nikolai Nerfed

    Nikolai is already superior than other tier IV BB and people still complain.
  10. Loshirai14

    Stealth Firing Fail

    A few months ago "Stealth firing doesn't make sense. It should be removed" Right now "It doesn't make sense to remove stealth firing, It should stay" It's funny. If you're the one using it, it's fine. If you're on the receiving end, it's unfair. A really funny world we are in.
  11. Loshirai14

    Opinion regarding RNCL playstyle

    More like getting killed by a ship being played at it's full potential. If you want to handicap yourself, i would be more than happy to sink you.
  12. Loshirai14

    Not ranked but still really salty

  13. Limit the report to 1 per player. Whiny people just wants abuse the report system.
  14. Loshirai14

    [Update 0.6.1] Release Feedback

    Chat is broken. Almost every word turns into a bunch of asterisk
  15. What i meant about CVs of the same tier only applies to tier VII and above. Sorry.