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  1. MarikaTachibana

    Konggo the Grinding master ship :3

    For me getting a Konggo when you are trying to get to tier 6-10 will be relatively effective besides from being efficient it is also really reliable :3 What is your best grinding ship ?
  2. MarikaTachibana

    WoW Giveaway

    If I'm not asian I wouldn't be here would I ?
  3. MarikaTachibana

    WoW Giveaway

    I used everything in the code list yet all are invalid :/
  4. MarikaTachibana

    WoW Giveaway

    Wrong Format Please Close This Topic :/
  5. MarikaTachibana

    WoW Giveaway

    Admins why is that the events in facebook is delay :/ I have been wondering why the codes are not working even though it was just 2 minutes ago ... When I come to check the twitter page it was already posted 58 minutes ago .. I think It's really unfair because some people are waiting at facebook .... (Reference Below)
  6. MarikaTachibana

    WoW Giveaway

    Don't you think it's a little unfair for
  7. MarikaTachibana

    [CONTEST] Ocean Mine Sweeper #6

  8. I want to have fun with Raku-sama using my own money :3
  9. Thank you for the information ... I'm really new to this forum , So I'm sorry about the inconvenience :3
  10. Thank you very much ! I've been looking for months now Since I don't have any idea other than the mine sweeping thingy this kinda help :3 Thanks a lot buddy !
  11. I'm new to this forum thingy so I don't really know the past questions :/
  12. Thank you very much Moderator-san !! I don't get why people here are mean @-@