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  1. Baltic camouflage with blue turret. something like this:
  2. Thank for the quick update Any plan for Hindenburg?
  3. P95101

    Is Mogami playble in ranks?

    Mogami = sailing citadel
  4. P95101

    U ask, we Talk

    Hello sir ,Here my question ... Will there be any collaboration with other naval-themed anime/game like kancolle and haifuri?
  5. P95101

    Carrier replay

    Select all squadron (or 1) at the start of the replay and then set a random waypoints
  6. P95101

    t2 and t4 commander skill for zao

    Here are my upgrades and captain skills for Zao
  7. P95101

    Aircraft problem ?

    Im just gonna leave this here
  8. P95101

    Self-Illuminating Textures

  9. P95101

    Self-Illuminating Textures

    I used notepad
  10. P95101

    Dogfights= world of strafing ?

    You mean more skill-based? thanks to strafing CV player now doing "mlg starcraft 2 micro"
  11. P95101

    Problem with steering gear

    Yesterday, In my Arkansas Beta and got hit by torpedo bomber. Flooded, lost steering and damage control party on cool down so i wait for auto repair. And when the timer at 0.0s for the steering gear it stuck. The game not let me steer and the timer not go away. Dont know if the damage control party can fix that (I sink before it cool off) In short> Cant steer after the timer at 0.0s Sorry for bad EN