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  1. IMFebri

    BUG My ships "GONE"

    im not use mod and i dont still control my ships i just fire but could not to direct the main gun
  2. IMFebri

    BUG My ships "GONE"

    until now i don't have any confirmation or way to fix my problems
  3. IMFebri

    BUG My ships "GONE"

    Yesterday i just updating the client size the update is 1,5 GB data and 455mB Continue and while i play the game i m shocked because my ships did'nt work normal and gone from screen
  4. i just update with size 1,5GB + 455mB and i get it in game ? why i only receive this bug
  5. i only invite you to join my group in Facebook klik link bellow : https://www.facebook.com/groups/wowsxkancolle/ i wish we each to share experience from the game Thank you
  6. IMFebri

    USS Essex vs. IJN Hakuryu Gameplay

    only i survive with kongou :'v
  7. IMFebri

    difference Alpha than Beta

    so my account still work after CBT end and i could play with my old friend thank you
  8. IMFebri

    difference Alpha than Beta

    not a twitter sorry im from indonesia that purpose bird news is talks from player to player without know who are started
  9. after i hear bird newssome people said that Beta testerplayer only use the account in Closed Beta Testthe after account cannot be used
  10. i will take back Haruna from Anime world :v

  11. IMFebri

    wtf torps?

    take the torpedo to your ass to get light damage :v Lol
  12. IMFebri

    Main Guns loaded but won't fire

    maybe your ping is to late my ping 70-120 but my fps is low :'V
  13. IMFebri


    torpedo this is sh*t
  14. IMFebri

    WoWs X Kancolle Voice

    I need this mod T_T
  15. i change my windows from 32 bit to 64 bit and appear error massage from launcher direct X version 11