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  1. When you look a the number of pearls required, if each player got 145 pearls we'd need over 90,000 players. This is going to take a long long time to complete
  2. Camo68

    Its here..and I like it-Kiev DD

    To give an example in the Tashkent I just went up against a full health Cleveland at 8km (usually a death sentence in any DD) put six slavos into him, took a little fire (at full speed these things are hard to hit) then popped smoke and melted him in seconds. This thing is going to spoil a lot of cruisers days.
  3. Camo68

    Its here..and I like it-Kiev DD

    I skipped the lower tier DD's and went straight to the Kiev. After reviewing youtube etc I just didn't want to grind crappy DD's as they are hard enough as is and the IJN & US line from tier 6-7 was a nightmare. From what Davud has said Once I've got the Udaloi I might go back and give the Ognevoi a spin. The Gnevny is just a pale imitation of the Gremy which is a fantastic ship and my go to ship to grind credits and cap skills. Replaced the Minekaze after the nerfs. The Tier 8 Tashkent, when you upgrade to the 8km Torps, is a very good ship. Far better balanced than the Fubuki and shades the Benson. You melt other DD's silly enough to get in range. The best tier 8 destroyer imo. Without the upgraded torps it is better to play as a light cruiser and still quite good. Speed is excellent 46 knots lets you get out of trouble or into trouble depending on how aggressive you play. Haven't got the Udaloi yet but it looks a cracker and can't wait to give it a spin. The Khabrovsk in comparison doesn't look that much better unlike Fletcher to Gearing and Kagero to Shimakaze. These ships really benefit from: Cap skill 2 - Expert marksman (These are gun boats) & Cap Skill 4 - Advanced Firing training (increase range) otherwise your going to be spotted too easily I agree with SmithnWesson and don't think any of these ships are OP, just very good if you play them well. But then you can say the same for any ship when you play well.
  4. Camo68

    Its here..and I like it-Kiev DD

    A good ship but hard to do a lot of damage with the guns, as compared to a Torp focused DD. Annoys the crap out of others though and really hard to be hit at over 10k.
  5. Camo68

    In the name of sanity

    One point re language is not everyone has English as a first or even second language and if we were to adopt a one language only clause we would all have to learn Russian as that is where the developers/Game company are based. Keep points on characteristics of play/players and not race and we will all get more enjoyment..
  6. I would like to know what the testers who ran through this feature before it was released had to say, why not suggest a mute/vol option or perhaps they did.
  7. Camo68

    In the name of sanity

    Please give us a vol button like the voice commands volume in settings
  8. Wadanohara you haven't played any IJN destroyers yet, I suggest you play them for a while before passing judgment on how hard/easy they are to play, Jchen is right they require totally different tactical play.
  9. Yes the Minekaze which was one of the few fun DD's and is now barely more enjoyable than any other of the grind DD's. I agree it needed rebalanced but not that much. DD's as a whole are the worst performing group (as noted in statistics published on here or maybe on the NA forum can't remember where I read them) and need to be re balanced up to match other ship types. It's still worth the grind to get to the shimekaze which is fun but it is way under powered compared to the BB's & Cl's at tier 10. It's funny that those who complain most, barely play DD's.
  10. Camo68

    About the 'hydroacoustic search'

    Sumika just learn how to drive your ship properly instead of complaining that others are too strong. BTW when you see smoke the DD has already sent his torps so it won't do you much good
  11. Camo68

    competitive play bit discussion

    As I thought it is Tier 6-7 only I've got my Atlanta, Mahan, Hatsuharu, Myoko & Fuso (just working on Nagato) ready. I think the Atlanta will come into its own as most of the problems I have with it are from heavy cruisers Tiers 8+. Looking forward to the battles as I hope that people will work better as a team to increase their rank instead of the XP focus that does take over in normal battles ignoring win/loss.
  12. Camo68

    Why are people so passive?

    Battleships at mid range 12-6 k's are far more deadly that at long range. More accurate and more damage and more fun. I Iove DD's who forget themselves and charge down a BB that knows they are there and doesn't drive in a straight line.
  13. I think it would be a great idea. Night battles / Reduced Visibility would add a new challenge to play. However as it is there are a lot of complaints about OP ships and if the conditions favor a certain ship type, (eg. fog favors DD's / Night favors Cruisers) can you imagine the storm it would cause.
  14. Camo68

    Why are people so passive?

    Agree use USN DD's to run scrimage and deter IJN DD's. CA's to provide AA and fire support and BB's as the sledgehammer. It just takes a plan and people to stick with it. Good Luck with that.
  15. Camo68

    Why are people so passive?

    I've found it's a problem with ship types as well as people. When you're in a BB or CA going off on your own is like painting a bullseye on your hull, you rely on others and there is little communication to plan an effective strategy. Hence camping at the back and being passive waiting for someone to lead. With DD's you are your own boss and can be as aggressive as you like (at your own peril). This also encourages others to press the attack especially when they see the enemy retreat. My win rate in CA's and BB's is much lower than my win rate in DD's.