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  1. velyan


    Her specs are amazing and it does seem that she combines the best aspects of Aoba/Cleveland and then scaled down a little to tier 5. I think she will dominate low tiers and get nerfed. I too found the engine gets knocked out really easily but that may be a playstyle thing for me in showing the rear a bit much and once the engine is gone you do get blown up pretty easily. Still played well she will be a beast
  2. velyan

    Upgrades for a cleveland

    Thanks for the response guys, accuracy it is. One more question, am i right in thinking that 'Advanced firing range' will affect the Clevelands main batteries as they are under 155mm, Yansuki has me thinking that it might only be the secondaries Cheers
  3. Hey, first post here, I was thinking that I might keep my cleveland for a while once I get it so I was going to max upgrades on it and keep my best captain with it. My question is for your main guns upgrade, would you go with 'Gunfire control system' for increased accuracy or 'Main battery modification 2' for 10% increased loading time and 15% increased aiming speed. I was thinking 'Main battery modification' because I was guessing the bonus would be multiplicative with the talents 'Basic firing training' and 'Aiming expert' but I was also going to grab the talent 'Advanced firing range' before 'Demolition expert' for the 20% increase in range so due to that I thought the accuracy from 'Gunfire control system' might be more important. So I'm in a bit of a quandry, anyone got suggestions on which would be better?