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  1. Perditi0n

    No Valentine's special for Asia?

    Exactly! We were told to wait for the Lunar New Year since it would be 'special' and big etc. Very underwhelming to be honest... What can we do to help SEA get a dedicated events team since its SORELY needed.
  2. Perditi0n

    No more flags on sale?

    I remember asking you about this yesterday or the day before \o/ Yay!
  3. Perditi0n

    Account created on wrong server.

    Support won't even transfer alpha/beta ships from one server to another for the same person, getting an account transferred is even more unlikely.
  4. Perditi0n


    Who can blame them, we were supposed to get some new sales and stuff related to PAX Australia, not another x2 first win bonus borefest. EDIT: Not to mention: "We will also launch several special in-game events in celebration of PAX Australia 2015." Straight from the news release...
  5. Perditi0n


    for those who didnt notice, they added a 'Reverberations from PAX AUS' event for a bit earlier today, was supposed to give x2 first win xp for a few days, it has now been removed bwahaha
  6. Perditi0n


    You can bet your ass that any event that will happen here will also be mirrored on the US and EU servers (if its a special event where the devs have put in extra effort to make it cool, like with halloween)
  7. Perditi0n


    Have we had any exclusive events so far on SEA? (or any events that went beyond the 2x or 3x first win xp) ?
  8. Perditi0n

    Will the flag bundles ever come back?

    Oh yeah, it seems that you are right actually! :O
  9. Perditi0n

    Will the flag bundles ever come back?

    tbh I don't see why the flags are not part of the usual/permanent offerings in the store, at least the 50% xp and 20% credits ones, I am sure that there will be enough demand for them as it is. Afterall, SEA players spend more on the game on average than players in any other region.
  10. As the title says, very interested in buying a few of these bundles again, starting to run low on some of the flags (5% speed one for example). I know that there are flags included in the bundles that are on sale, but I already have all the prem ships that pop up in the shop so I can't take advantage of these bundles.
  11. Perditi0n

    Rant with me please

    Man so many butthurt people here in this thread upset about how other people spend their money and time. If people want to play co-op only then why the hell do you care? The only impact they will have on you is if you happen to end up in the same co-op match. Anyway, in random battles there isnt much else to do than play to the best of your ability, think ahead and if need be, sacrifice yourself to allow your team to win.
  12. Perditi0n

    Ishizuchi IS Underpower (Need Buff)

    As it stands right now, the ishizuchi is terrible, xp pinata for the enemy team really.