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  1. CTUJackBauer

    CV with rockets are unplayable now

    yep, can't wait for SS to be nerfed
  2. I just posted a suggestion in the Developers' Section and I really hope that they will take it into consideration.
  3. Almost everyone, or at least CV players, knows that continuous AA works in a way that it only targets the last plane in the squadron (seen as the rightmost plane in carrier player's POV) until that plane is shot down. This process is then repeated on the next last plane and so on. This ensures the survivability of the group of planes that are carrying whatever armament they have to attack the target. Even DFAA-boosted continuous AA damage works in this way. A very competent CV player can easily dodge the DFAA-boosted flaks then go through the strengthened continuous AA while losing 4 planes at most and eventually manage to deal at least one strike on an enemy ship. This wasn't the case before the CV rework where DFAA caused the drop pattern to enlarge due to the panic effect on the pilots when facing the insane AA bullets or whatever you call them. Most surface ships with DFAA had a better chance to avoid the CV attack due to the enlarged drop pattern while being able to annihilate the entire plane squadron given that the CV player derped and took a long time to linger in the DFAA bloom areas. Therefore, I would like to suggest a way how DFAA can prevent CV strikes again. When DFAA is activated, the continuous AA damage should focus on the first plane in the squadron. This ensures that the group of planes that is going to conduct the attack is focused first. When an attacking group is focused and losing plane one by one, the drop reticle/pattern/path will be changed, causing inaccuracy when a CV player is forcing an attack through a continuous AA enforced with DFAA. A few months after the CV rework, I remember when fighters used to cause the attack inaccuracy because they killed the planes in the attacking group first. My suggested change on DFAA is for the AA to work in that same way too. I really hope that you as the developers would consider my suggestion and implement it shortly to make WoWs a better game. Mahalo, CTUJackBauer
  4. CTUJackBauer

    CV with rockets are unplayable now

    aww come on, CV main. stop complaining about CV nerf & just adapt