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  1. Dark_Tenshi

    Do you remember......?

    Thx for the further explanation. I'm happy that we still remember about the past WOWS.
  2. Dark_Tenshi

    Do you remember......?

    I'm not a CBT player... but played since 2015 or 2016. Here are the things I rembember 1. Kitakami was in the game! 2. Wall hugger (Also called Blue Liner) 3. Unavoidable Midway's torps 4. 9T Kagero 8T Fubuki 7T Hatsuharu... 5. Iowa's critical bug (HE bug) 6. T7 meets T10 without squad 7. Unbalanced CV MM ( No CV vs 1 CV) 8. Spot Mechanism changed 9. T1 ~ T5 skill. Also included 'detected skill' 《= what I mean here is that before the patch you should learn the skill to know if you are detected. 10. Too many Draws! These are the things I remember.... What do you guys remember about the past patches?
  3. Dark_Tenshi


    Enemy team Enterprise Full upgraded NC unicum player [VOR] Clan BB Kuto Kuto Kidd Loyang Your team AFK CV Newbie bought premium T8 BB Stock NC Stock New Orleans Stock Mogami Z23 Stock Kagero You
  4. Dark_Tenshi

    Omaha need to be removed.......

    I sincerely recommand you to cool your head down...... I show Omaha who killed Shiratsuyu, I show Omaha who killed enemy CV and carry the game. Also I show the man who keeps talking about his team = burden and ranting on forum.
  5. Dark_Tenshi

    The MM Ballad..... THE REAL CULPRIT!!

    I don't mind.... Cause his bait is funny at least.....
  6. Dark_Tenshi

    When a reward is not a reward

    When I get a SC, and spotter module.....
  7. Dark_Tenshi

    Super Yamato

    How about rather saying "Making the 15 tier with today's warships?"
  8. Dark_Tenshi

    us cv need fighter squadron and Concealment buff

    AS CV is not easy as it look like.... AS CV fails when enemy CV sucess dropping even 1 torpedo however you strifed his planes. People always forget about this one....
  9. Dark_Tenshi

    Unbalanced skill MM

    Let's face it. You are not even close to top, which means you can be the one who drag your team to defeat.
  10. 초심자이벤에 참여한 플레이어인데, 끝난지 1주일 이상되고 2주일 지날 찰나인데도 공지도 없고 보상도 안 들어오네요....? 솔직히 이건 심하다고 생각하는데 워게이코리아는 어떤 입장인가요?
  11. Dark_Tenshi

    Shima to get upgraded Torps in next Patch?

    After patch : Shimakaze never caps BB afraid of Shima, so shooting at max range.... WG: That was not our intention (*facepalm...)
  12. Dark_Tenshi

    WG lying about PTS rewards

    GJ for hearing our voice :)