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  1. UvebeenHAZED

    looking good aye?

    Complete ban on division tier mismatch!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. UvebeenHAZED

    Why people kept ranting about RDF/RL?

    Well you should play more destroyers now especially IJN DD and you will know why 4 pt captain skill + concealment upgrade in exchange of permanent "located" icon I think WG wants IJN DD to hide behind teammates and launch torpedo from behind I'm not gonna go for cap as a DD player from now on
  3. UvebeenHAZED

    Finest Matchmaking

    How is this fair?
  4. UvebeenHAZED

    Error 138

    Hi Devs/Mods, When I try to view my friend's profile in-game, I will get this error message everytime. How can I solve this?? "Failed to load URL https://auth.worldofwarships.asia/auth-token/?spa_id=2007815273&token=47722393&next=https://profile.worldofwarships.asia/ingame/account/2002963177/ with error (-138)."
  5. 4 pictures explain it all. 1st match of the day and get reported 7 times for saying the fact that our team is useless... Toxic noobs btw thank you WG for this report system Orz
  6. UvebeenHAZED

    Division Tier Mismatch

    I will just keep this post running until WG gives us a good reason why they can't accept my suggestion.​ and btw that tier balance is SUPREME!!!!
  7. UvebeenHAZED

    Another day of crappy MM

    WTF is this shit?? and the server has 11k ppl online when this happened. WHY? I guess that 1 extra T8 CA in our team can do the magic and finish off their T8 BB Disgusting
  8. UvebeenHAZED

    Supa FUN MatchMaking

    Paper armor fleet in T8 match Disgusting
  9. UvebeenHAZED

    Division Tier Mismatch

    Good on you I believe most people who do check WoWs forums are somewhat decent players and passionate for the game but that is just a small portion of the whole server.... Keep in mind that most noobies are just casual players and probably don't know the existence of this forums. There is no way to tell if you are a good player who knows how to play with low tier ships (I strongly suggest those captains to say something chat in the beginning of a match). As a result, people lose interest and morale as soon as seeing that low tier ship in their team. see the picture above... 2 ships at the bottom of the scoreboard just gave up without trying...That Nagato probably got that 7xp from shooting down plane
  10. UvebeenHAZED

    Division Tier Mismatch

    Umikaze you said?? so useful.. Also, that Omaha at the bottom. He rage quit because of the T2 DD making this match even more interesting aye? [content removed] Naming and shaming. Post edited. user warned. ~dead_man_walking Sorry about that. Forgot to block the names.
  11. UvebeenHAZED

    STOP putting specific ship requirement for mission

    Хорошо Non-english. User warned. ~amade
  12. UvebeenHAZED

    Division Tier Mismatch

    Oh.. kinda sad really... Rant: (What is the point of this suggestion forum... you can make any suggestion you want but we are not going to change anything...)
  13. UvebeenHAZED

    Division Tier Mismatch

    All these are too late already... so my team has to suffer and waste time to finish the battle and then someone has to waste even more time and effort on reporting those players (not to mention the time needed for WG to reply... my last ticket took them a month to reply)... Isn't it much more efficient to just stop all these from happening in the 1st place?? If players really want to team up with their low tier friends, they can always buy back any low tier ships. Not enough ship slots? Buy it with cash (Free Advertisement). No $$? Free a slot by selling a ship or actively participate in events to get free ships I know that can happen but the chance is very slim.
  14. UvebeenHAZED

    Division Tier Mismatch

    It happens too often that Tier 3 ships appear in Tier 7 battles because of some braindead silly divisions And it is likely to result in 2 ways: 1. T3 ships get rekt before contributing anything 2. T3 ships stay behind T7 ships (usually Battleships) and not contributing anything I don't think the game is designed to let T3 in T7 battle cos I never put into high tier battle while using low tier ships so Please implement a function to stop divisions with too much tier difference from entering Random Battle and wasting unfortunate team members' time Funtage (Relevant):
  15. UvebeenHAZED

    Ship names

    Fixed... Please delete this topic