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  1. UvebeenHAZED

    why we dont remove T4 CV?

    Pfff How do those "professional" CV players find self-esteem in this game then? There are reasons why low tier CV so popular in SEA. Most of them are useless and cant aim for (s) is one of the reasons. Having fun seeing no one has any decent AA to counteract is another. It's just shameful to see people deliberately choosing T4 CVs just to have easy games and stat padding. ^this is a better version of current wows lol
  2. UvebeenHAZED

    DDs very frustrating to play now

    [ 50% hp gone from CV rockets within few minutes into the game even before any enemy in my gun range :") I guess I'm the one classified as no skill from WG devs Fun game aye? I reckon DD should just position behind CAs and BBs , even behind CV if possible 🙂 Better safe than sorry?! why risk your already low hp pool to spot for your team. While your team is having fun, you are just a disposable radar.
  3. UvebeenHAZED

    No teamwork

    What do you expect from Asian? Plus no one speaks English and the stupid game can't display chinese characters
  4. UvebeenHAZED

    Can anyone justify this matching?

    4 minutes into a match and this is the damage done by 2x CVs only. I swear this is WG plan to make us rage and push us to buy and spend free XP to skip these rubbish low tier. Shame! unless there is a way to dodge rockets and i dont know about it (shrug)
  5. UvebeenHAZED

    IJN DD Line Difference?

    Does it matter? You will get decimated by CVs no matter what XD
  6. UvebeenHAZED

    is it true? if it true then... curse you WG

    I'm not even surprised. DD have been nerfed since the game launched and the CV rework F up everything. Just to share one of my lovely MM to show how rubbish the current system is:
  7. UvebeenHAZED

    WG! Please complete the camo for Yukikaze.

    you can still have some colourful turrets while being removable and changeable at the same time XD *pat* hope my yukikaze can share you some luck
  8. Why do you leave the turrets untouched for this camo?
  9. UvebeenHAZED

    Can anyone justify this matching?

    Love your signature: As long as CV and Radar exist, this game don't deserve any money.
  10. UvebeenHAZED

    Can anyone justify this matching?

    If WG loves their CV so much, just put 3v3 CVs in a match. Why dragging 2x random class as target dummy? I'd pay to watch the live stream of WG devs playing the exactly same match as the disposable classes
  11. UvebeenHAZED

    Can anyone justify this matching?

    Lets hope WG is man enough to clarify this issue here
  12. UvebeenHAZED

    Can anyone justify this matching?

    is WG doing anything to fix this problem? Just return to wows after a long time (I left before CV rework) It's very discouraging to continue playing with this type of match
  13. UvebeenHAZED

    Can anyone justify this matching?

    it's evening in Asia
  14. I'm not trying to be mean but can anyone explain the logic in this match making and why is this acceptable? What am I supposed to do in this situation? Wait for our CV players to do something? Target practice for enemy CV players? Ain't gonna buy premium account for games like this. I can double assure that. Time of this match: 11:18 am Friday, 10 January 2020 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
  15. UvebeenHAZED

    looking good aye?

    Complete ban on division tier mismatch!!!!!!!!!!!