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  1. I call a spade a spade too. Invisi firing is a long time well known mechanic of the game, and is not hard to defeat. "God mode" with dd guns? Please. If you couldnt retreat or get to cover then it sounds like u over extended without support. The dd captain was just punishing your poor tactical decisions. Man up princess, no troll involved.
  2. Addos

    Tirpitz and Warspite on sale AGAIN in shop

    would have loved the Tirpitz, but again, absolutely no discount / incentive provided to purchase.
  3. Addos


    makes you wonder what school teaches kids these days if we have to dumb it down so much almost becomes painful to help my point, OP, about my 'turning the tide of the battle' comment, as my esteemed colleague has pointed out, is that my individual performance in the team can be a key factor to my win rate. not my teammates. if I do good, I make it easier for them to do good. we're basically saying, you suck. its not the teams fault, its yours. we'd be having a different discussion if your avg damage was say 40 or 50k (which is quite high if you play dd's a lot too). This would suggest to us that you were making as strong an active commitment to pushing back the enemy in gameplay as possible, and any advice we give you might be more centred around specific strategies we employ to improve our winrate (avoiding crossing the t situations, using and avoiding intersecting fire, battle lines, map points, etc); but as yours is so low, it means you are likely a passive player and sit too far behind the main battle lines, or are too aggressive and push into overly risky positions that your teammates wont follow. you're not ready to do those things, as they wont help you if you haven't got the fundamentals down. go and read up the stuff as syanda has suggested, or keep practicing until you improve those statistics. then return to this place and repose your question.
  4. Addos

    This isnt a RANT

    You cant rely on detection mechanics alone to minimise getting hit by torps, youve really gotta be more of a student of the game to improve your chances. Learn where on maps dds like to spam torps, take more notice of the mini map and conciouslt observe dds when spotted. By conciously observe, I mean if you spot a dd in front of you, and hes turning off you, know that theres at least a 50/50 chance hes just dumped and alter your course instantly. GL!
  5. Addos


    Then you friend, have too missed the point. If you improve your performance, you will improve your win rate. The team linkage was always implied. An example of this: if you push up a flank and can deal damage quickly to the opposing forces (through accurate and plentiful fire) you will force them into a defensive position, allowing your teammates to capture the objective and thus winning the game. By being inaccurate, your team becomes defensive, and you lose the objective. There are many times ive turned the course of the battle by dropping a few cits on the enemy's leading ships before they can do it to me. This is of course, and yet again another l2p presentation of the SEA wows forums
  6. Addos

    Recommended DDs for ranked?

    Benson is a monster. Do it
  7. Addos


    The man above is correct. Ur profile says u avg 16k damage per game, with an average hit rate of 22%. Suspect Alot of your issues can fixed by raising both these two statistics, neither of which are massively influenced by your teammates.
  8. Addos

    This isnt a RANT

    Theres brackets in there somewhere. Check out ichase for details. I think he worked it out for his invisi firing calculations. I believe the brackets around the multipliers, that is, the first multiplier is 20% then the second multiplier modifies the first.so 20% x 20% = 4% + 20, total percentage point increase is 24.
  9. Addos

    No Valentine's special for Asia?

    Well the Chinese new year specials were underwhelming in the extreme. No real discounting involved, especially on the doubloon / prem acct front. Not a lot of incentives there
  10. Addos

    Well here we go

    Im sorry but that is such a douchey thing to do. The worst. Also, whilst I too find high tier economics a little painful, I think its absolutely fair for WG to expect you to pay a little once you get into high tiers. Consider the lower tiers your free trial, but to expect a game of this std to be free? About as douchey as the comment above.
  11. Addos

    Well here we go

    You know rather than ranting and raving perhaps you could be more mature and ask the community for help and advice. The game is not broken, and never has been. Theres been a few curiosities since cbt but never anything howlingly wrong with the mechanics. Real issues are always dealt with rather quickly. As always, the root cause of rant threads like this is l2p. Try to be more constructive in future. Tip: dont let a Cleveland get that close to u in a north Carolina. Stay in the battle line and if engaging cruisers make sure you have support. See? All better now.
  12. Addos

    Just love that moment when......

    ...when youve drawn a team severley lacking in tactical awareness, play strategies, etc, and carry them to victory with more than triple the xp of the next guy. Oh, and one-shotting a cruiser at range in a bb!
  13. Addos

    Best value doubloons

    So with Chinese new year only a few days away, we must be getting close to seeing some specials?
  14. Addos

    ARP Kongo Mission 2 (Help needed)

    I managed to do this challenge just with ca aa (cheatland and mogami) in around 30 battles, mainly because I refuse to skycane. Actually ended up being easier than the fires challenge. Cheatland was giving me 10-15 planes per game. This challenge is no reason to become a skycaner!
  15. Addos


    Yep, Cleveland is the way to go. 12-15 fires per game. That ROF trumps higher tiers slightly increased fire risk, and u get the benefit of its tiny, tiny citadels. And with regards to the OP, theres no such thing as kill steals in team based games, only whiney losers who couldnt get the job done themselves, or dont recognise that even if your teammate 'secures' the kill, youre still better off.