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  1. kaizer5


    Apparently not. I'm stuck on login screen for hours. Tried 'Safe Mode', didn't work. Cleaned out mods folder, still same result...
  2. I'm not liking the new UI in port after the August 23 patch because it makes the Ships Carousel a jumbled mess. You can only disable the camos/cosmetics of the extra and special ships but not entirely hide them from the list like before.
  3. kaizer5

    Constant crashing in 9 JUNE 2018

    tested in "safe mode" just if installed mods cause the problem, but the crashing keep happening
  4. As of my experience playing on the live server in 9 JUNE, there seems to be a major crashing issue typically occurs when player shoot or left clicking
  5. kaizer5

    Game client always crash with unknown reason 0.7.2

    The same problem happened to my and my div mates. We queue for ops, then got kicked to login screen. The ISP problem is not possible since we are from different countries. And for cache dump seem implausible since it will only affected me alone, but it's not.
  6. kaizer5

    BOT glitching on "Raptor Rescue"

    Here's the replay file. I closed the game client after the operation and restart it, then the launcher start downloading and install a patch around 11:25 PM server time. https://replayswows.com/replay/15326#stats
  7. All support ships just stuck on repairing the 'RAPTOR' engine progress. And the 'RAPTOR' stuck behind island after his engine malfunction. We got no repair and can't continue with mission progress after the Kongou and her squad spawned.