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  1. Hi I have over 500 battles, avg experience 1400+ (in CV 1700+ avg, in BB 1000 avg experience, CA and DD in between) 1) MM is fine. It is good to get 1vs0 and 2vs1 or even 1IJN vs 2USN CV's. It makes each game different in gameplay. If it's 1vs0, then I have to use fighters to spot DD, and attack with bombers. If it's 1vs1 or 2vs2, I play according to enemy CV type and loadouts. If I am against USN CV, I have to try to bait his planes, or try to help our DD get torp hits. If I am against 2 USN CV, it's cat and mouse, trying to get 1 or 2 torp hits here and there. If CVs were always balanced each game by number and country, each game would play the same for me 2) Manual drop is fine for IJN. Even with a perfect manual drop, you may only get 1 torp hit for a few thousand damage points. Considering it takes at least 3-4 minutes for each bomber run, that is very little damage output compared to a BB salvo, or CA salvo. 3) Plane scaling per tier is not so good. Same damage across all tiers means that Tier V 3TB squadrons kill severely kill a BB. High tier CV if I am attacking a high tier BB means I lose most planes to score maybe 5000 damage (less than 10% total health). 4) Border / corner hugging needs to be fixed. 5) There is a big difference in fighters between tier 6 and 7. Problem is if there is a tier 6 and a tier 7 CV in the same enemy team/same country, I can't tell if the fighters are from which tier. 6) Generally IJN CV can deal out massive damage tier 4-5. Tier 7 and above the plane survivability is so poor I would not recommend anyone grind past tier 7. Tier 7 is fun because your fighters can destroy lower tiers (massive disparity). The problem with lower tier CV is that AA is so poor for the whole fleet, game can end quickly if enemy CV gangs up on your. High tier this is not a problem if you sail close to an AA cruiser. In summary - low tier CV - lots of damage output, but can die easily from enemy CV strike High tier CV - planes fly around and die to AA, but at least your CV survives longer. Need to nerf low tier planes / CV and buff high tier planes / CV, if you want players to want to grind for the higher tiers.