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  1. Mamatai

    Aiming problem

    try using scroll?
  2. Mamatai

    [The Epic Battle] The Burning Cruiser Kongo

    Kongo is Battleship
  3. Mamatai

    Game is responding very slowly

    you do not have permission to view this forum
  4. Mamatai

    Performance Issues and Server Lag

    5-10 fps on lowest settings is so bad i think that your computer is far below the minimum requirments
  5. Mamatai

    Game is responding very slowly

    try lowering your settings, your fps seems below average that might be the cause
  6. Mamatai

    Game is responding very slowly

    @3:10 so you suddenly drift to left by itself? i have no idea what happened there. Never experienced like that before
  7. Mamatai

    Got Tk'ed during the first few minutes

    any update? Is support really gonna do something about it?
  8. Mamatai

    Official explaination of the current test

    at least they giving chance for those who want to play this game so bad and don't wanna find any info about it GUYS THE GAME IS ON PUBLIC NOW.. GO DOWNLOAD AND PLAY but it's just a stress test
  9. Mamatai

    Humble Bundle CBT Key

    just use it, i'm from Indonesia and i got about 200ms, it's playable In my experience so far, i never met that kind of people. Or maybe because i'm still at low tier
  10. Mamatai

    Humble Bundle CBT Key

    Umm.. what is so funny about it? Where?
  11. Mamatai

    Humble Bundle CBT Key

    Ohh yeah, there is a NOTE there sorry for not noticing, is the NA servers stable enough for Asians people?
  12. Mamatai

    Humble Bundle CBT Key

    World of Warships CBT key at humble bundle, is that for asia server?