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  1. RG_Kid

    the most Beautiful CA-Maya

    Haven't used that ship for ages now, simply becoz i got matched into T6 battles way too much. Sure she's formidable for her tier, but at T5-T6, she's too slow and her gun range is too short to make any meaningful impact.
  2. RG_Kid

    the most Beautiful CA-Maya

    Yubari isn't even a powerful AA cruiser anymore. Somewhere along the line between CBT to OBT, WG tidied up the AA system and that in turn translated into a massive nerf to Yubari AA capability. Now those who bought Yubari begged WG to buff the damn ship, but i don't think that will happen simply becoz she'd stand out like a sore thumb if she's too powerful in Tier 4.
  3. RG_Kid

    Team Battle Captain gone MIA

    Well, isn't that confusing.
  4. RG_Kid

    DD's in General are Broken

    Not to mention you can still blindly hit DD in smoke if you aim sporadically at the muzzle flashes. It may not do much damage but it's enough to make the DD tucks its tail and go to hiding. I know i would.
  5. RG_Kid

    I'm getting sick of it

    I don't even know how's that relevant to the topic at hand. Nevertheless, i'm quite eager to unlock the beast. Tier 5 is where i had the most fun. Tier 7-8 has been an unbearable grind.
  6. RG_Kid

    sorry for being a noob

    And a lot of new players don't know about this since it's related to how the destroyer's smoke consumable function in game. But, you can only detect destroyer at around 1-2 km when they are hiding in smoke. The problem is, it's quite hard to tell whether one is inside smoke or not. Take this into consideration whenever you try to hunt destroyers.
  7. RG_Kid

    I am outta here see you guys around

    Dude, the 30 DDs ain't nothing. The 300 fire damage on the other hand. Made me lost faith in humanity.
  8. RG_Kid

    I am outta here see you guys around

    http://warships.today/player/2002473054/asia/Grimnar42 You had been playing close to 1k matches, and your stats still hasn't improved. You can look at my CBT stats and compared it to now. There are improvements, because i had learned somewhat about the game as to make the grind bearable. I haven't been burnt out like you because i don't play the games that often. Probably only 6-8 matches per day, while working and doing something else in between. Maybe take a time off and do something else. Some of your complains are a bit weird. HE damage is a lot when you used 203 mm guns, even on DD you can get more than 1k damage per broadside if you can hit the superstructure. I'm saying this because you had purchased several premium ships and it's a waste if you don't use 'em anymore.
  9. RG_Kid

    WG Official ModPack 0.5.3

    Can anyone confirm the modpack works on 0.5.3?
  10. RG_Kid

    Patch 5.3 Dev Blog and Public Test

    As a player who just recently unlocked Mogami
  11. You forgot the one thing about the Tirpitz. Since it's a T8 battleship, it will often get matched against mighty Yamato which absolutely destroy Tirpitz' deck armor at long range.
  12. RG_Kid

    IJN Cruiser line captian skills

    Many IJN captains pick the AFT simply because it increases Mogami firing range. Although since the armor fix, Mogami HE shells do literally no damage against T8 and above BBs. AFT does in fact increase the range of your AA radius, unfortunately, even with the increased range, it's still not a plane eater compared to proper USN AA specialty cruiser.
  13. RG_Kid


    On the main page of the worldofwarships.asia you can find the support page and submit your complaint.
  14. Could be just getting lucky not being matched with CVs. Yesterday night i played 6 sessions of Battleships and in all i encountered carriers. It wasn't fun.
  15. RG_Kid

    Warships.Today - new statistics website [beta]

    How do you define low tier, medium tier? To me, low tier is (1-4), medium tier is (5-7), high tier is (8+)