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  1. lettheskyfall

    Important message for the community

    Dont forget the new German battlecruisers dropping in 1 months time
  2. lettheskyfall

    Important message for the community

  3. lettheskyfall

    Interesting stuff on NA forums

    just like LWM pointed out WV1944 couldve shouldve been included in last years USN BB split. If anything, couldve shouldve been there in place of Kansas, firing USN SHAP shells. Im hoping all this testing with Connecticut they might release WV44 as a brawler kekw
  4. I got 1000 dubs from a random SC on the day it came out so I decided to try as well kekw (despite swearing I will not in support of LWM but since 2/3 was free I thought i'd try) NOPE. "It will take more than one event to win back the trust of your player base WG." I'll take a Musashi, Koing Albert, Alaska, Black, Belfast in my next 5 free SC thanks.
  5. Normally I'd be inclined agree but you've marked your stats as private. Bit of a hypocrite to say that about someone.
  6. This game does not need skill based MM. This game needs skill based segregation of the player base. Make a game mode where git gud in randoms is an entry requirement.
  7. lettheskyfall

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    Its quite obvious to why. You can whale steel (via dockyard) But you cant whale RB points (you can technically by double/triple reset but it costs less than dockyard). Kek
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  9. lettheskyfall

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.10.7

  10. lettheskyfall

    Manually Guided Torpedos for Submarines

    Yes why not because homing torps are clearly not overpowered enough
  11. Its happened on 3 occasions already, where my ship just gets stuck next to an island like I'm beached, but I'm not. To make it worse, it wouldn't allow me to reverse and move FIX YOUR DAMN GAME INSTEAD OF FIXING STUFF THAT DOESNT NEED TO BE FIXED LIKE THE CAPTAIN REWORK.
  12. lettheskyfall

    Silver Ranked Battles

    Git gud?
  13. lettheskyfall

    Hizen Buff

    With the very quick removal of deadeye, the already underperforming ship, Hizen should be buffed significantly. All other T9 premium BBs have gimmicks Georgia: All of it Jean Bart: 1.9 sigma + MBRB Musashi: Overmatch Pommern: Best secondaries + best German secondaries angles Hizen? 1 less heal Less armour Less HP despite being drawn to be heavier in real life than Izumo Hizen needs her 4th heal back, her armour buffed/sigma buffed to even make that ship playable against all those premium BBs (actually silver BBs too). As for her gimmick, the IJN deserves a brawler battleship. Why not make her turtleback at least partially functional like Amagi so she can brawl?
  14. lettheskyfall


    路過 我喜歡你的名字
  15. Truely representing MALD well here