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  1. lettheskyfall

    What do you think of deadeye?

    PEOPLE JUST DONT GET SARCASM HERE IN SEA!? FYI that choice was on the original EU poll found here: https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/146011-rate-the-captain-rework-update-poll/
  2. lettheskyfall

    What do you think of deadeye?

    Cant check if its correct translation so did not consider thai/viet/hindu/Indonesian
  3. lettheskyfall

    What do you think of deadeye?

    Seeing the EU made a poll, I think us SEA players need to weigh in on this too!
  4. lettheskyfall

    Code not working again?

    Code from KOTS last night TIMETOBEBESTONCIS not working in SEA again? Tried last night Tried again
  5. lettheskyfall

    WG FKed up, again

    thanks for letting weegee know so they fixed it
  6. Thanks This is exactly what has been happening. Pommern is a tough BB to play because it needs support to push in (aka blapping the HE spammers) and to play it effectively you really need to use secondaries. Sure you can use main guns only but you will severely impact your damage output. And most importantly, as a German BB you have your own gravity where all the shells start flying to your direction. The team needs to be able to position and free fire on the enemies whilst I am attracting their fire. Sadly the player base in SEA where everyone is just sniping in the back, does not understand.
  7. Im from a certain ethnicity and so I know who they are and running monitor I can see a big page of red
  8. I think its time WG start a new game mode like LoL ranked where they actually tier the player base Yes we have ranked but if we are honest, our ranked is more of a grind. Throw enough at the wall some will stick. That way unicums can be paired with unicums and make the game play challenging. Normal players who have a desire to git gud or semi-professional don't need to be chucked by bots and weekend players And those who just want to have fun but seeing ships explode can do that without ruining other peoples games
  9. I speak a certain box language so I know its a certain box language of a certain type and yes they have always been there but either MM or just confidential they happened to dominate my MM this weekend. No its not normalization because I have played enough games in the Pommern (150) to know the difference between normalization and getting constant steamrolls in a short span of time. Yes the WR drops might be normalization but given the dramatic decrease in average damage, it would point to a bigger picture where teams are failing. I thought a unicum like you should be able to understand this.
  10. Just wanted to say a big thanks to all those who helped dropped my Pommern PR by 150 in the span of three days. Average damage decreased from 85k to 80k Winrate went from 63+% to 60% Went from 30 something on the leader board to 58 Clap clap
  11. lettheskyfall

    All Yamato Class, and Its Project design Size comparison

    Isnt Izumo supposed to be longer than the Yamatos?
  12. lettheskyfall

    BB AP Changes Since Open BETA?

    If you havent noticed this thread is about since Beta. Which implies US & IJN
  13. lettheskyfall

    BB AP Changes Since Open BETA?

    Japanese cruisers for example used to be a dev strike magnet now its all overpens
  14. lettheskyfall

    BB AP Changes Since Open BETA?

    Hi guys, Just a quick question. I remembered cruisers were so much easier to dev strike back in the days in a BB(think around 2016/17ish), nowadays i'm just constantly getting overpens except for the odd one where RNGesus actually hits the citadel (even in training room against a stationary target not all salvos resulted in citadel hits larf) What changed and which patch was it that changed?
  15. lettheskyfall

    Ranked Sprint Divsion

    same problem