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  1. lettheskyfall

    How were the players in these matches matched?

    I was on the verge of rank 8 when I lost 10 games in a row including one where I did 150k damage which was the final straw. But no mm in ranked is just as bs as randoms.
  2. lettheskyfall

    How were the players in these matches matched?

    Youre talking like ranked mm isnt random as hell.
  3. lettheskyfall

    Des Moines Unique Upgrade Compare (0.9.5 vs 0.9.4 Pre-Nerf)

    about time its getting a nerf after being buffed again again and again
  4. lettheskyfall

    How were the players in these matches matched?

    Dont complain about matchmaking in this forum@InterconKW will lecture you about how its your own fault about not improving yourself.
  5. lettheskyfall


    Obviously its useless, given the infestation
  6. lettheskyfall

    Tier 7 Battleships... ... [NOT Sinop]

    I dont know why people dont appreciate Ashitaka. It has the highest alpha at tier 7 and there is no aircraft carrier so her lack of AA is no issue. She is literally made for Tier 7 rank (play random and with the CVs everywhere good luck). Think about it 10 16 inch shells that can overmatch Sin-OP's hull (bow-tanking what?), not to mention she has the speed to do a drive-by on Sin-OP.
  7. lettheskyfall


    I think this forum needs to make a page for reporting bot players, hiding one digit of their number names to make it obvious, without breaking the rules
  8. lettheskyfall

    Guidance on KM BB line

    Seriously suggest you give up the thought of a brawling captain at tier 9/10. As I said FDG has the highest rate of fire out of all BBs you wouldnt want to max out secondaries for that. Dont even bother about IFHE. You will only need it for GK but good luck getting within 12k to use your secondaries. If you insist. Heres my GK captain.
  9. lettheskyfall

    Guidance on KM BB line

    I would suggest jack of all trades instead. For secondary build you'll take a lot of fire damage because you wont have enough points for basics of survivability. Squeezing in that one repair party in time could mean winning or losing a brawl.
  10. lettheskyfall

    Guidance on KM BB line

    The old meta used to be tank shots and brawl you could pretty much obliterate a flank that back then but that was before all the HE cancer everywhere, aircraft carrier rework, BB concealment nerf etc. The way to play KM BB line is full tank & concealment build and always angle away. KM BBs have bull shit bow that can tank shots from the front but ONLY from close range. Even Yamato can't overpen (it can over a very narrow part but generally no) if G.K is bow tanking at close range. The Armour scheme is vulnerable plunging fire so don't even try bow tanking from 15+Km it wont work you'll eat normal penetrations from deck. To play effectively, position yourself around 16km away from your target, angling away (KM BBs have a better firing arc firing backward). Watch out for return fire and troll enemy by auto bouncing it your impenetrable vertical armor. KM BBs have on average the lowest gun caliber but superior gun handling (velocity) and reload times (bullshit 23s reload on Friedrich der Große). Use that to your advantage and target the HE spammers (the cruisers) first in the match, ignoring other BBs. After 10 minutes you should be left with the camper BBs on the other team and then you can push. Remember, you have secondaries. But they don't define you anymore so it is not worth investing into secondary build. Besides, your secondaries are good enough should you need to brawl, but think of it as force multiplier instead of a main. I still have Tirpitz in full brawler build and captain but it is strictly oppurtunist. In its own tier, it is still viable but usually with tier VIII - X matches it is impossible.
  11. lettheskyfall

    Premium Ships That Need A Buff

    Try Nagato secondary build. Trust me you wont regret it
  12. lettheskyfall

    Team Work Improvements

    which is exactly why it needs to be reversed! PLUS the player base is different to what it was back then, people were actually working together. AND there was none of that HE cancer bullshit! I actually played a tier 10 in ocean recently (first time ive seen that map in years). PEOPLE WERE HUGGING THE CORNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. lettheskyfall

    Premium Ships That Need A Buff

    Kii Historically the successor to the Amagi class battlecruisers and unlike Amagi class, is a fast battleship. But in game it has worse armor and worse dispersion (worst in tier 8). While Kii had superior AA and access to torpedoes to compensate, the AA rework nerfed the crap out of AA and decimated the already weak 25mms on IJN line, making her orignal selling point (superior AA performance) defunct. Either give Kii DFAA to compensate, especially for people like me how have had it since the start or Buff the secondaries to KM standards and make a secondary build IJN BB out of her
  14. lettheskyfall

    Team Work Improvements

    Cyclones everywhere. Cant see, cant shoot, then they cant camp. There used to be a lot more cyclones back in 2017
  15. lettheskyfall

    Best Ranked Sprint Speed (19 matches rank 1)

    This sums up my rank season. Teams completely out of position chasing ghosts.