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  1. DeleteSSs

    bUg in

    Nice to see the underwater rework done properly. Maybe dont do submarines in the first place? Stuck all game on a hidden rock that doesnt exist, unable to reverse at all. Stuck ALL GAME Manage your map properly wargaming. 20220215_184618_PJSB018-Yamato-1944_38_Canada.wowsreplay
  2. Can I offer a git gud? Instead of blaming the ships, might be worthwhile looking at how youre playing the ships. The ships lower than T7 I would say is more suited as an ambush ship on the flank as opposed to using secondaries to engage. A combination of absurdly low concealment and high accuracy of their main guns along with mediocre secondaries at this stage means their main weapon is actually the main guns as opposed to the secondaries like on Schlieffen.
  3. DeleteSSs

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.10.9

    29k average damage in Prinz Heinrich. CAn I offEr a giT gUd?
  4. DeleteSSs

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.10.9

    Can you not read the feedback on submarines? Majority of us dislike it!
  5. DeleteSSs

    Why do we resist SS

    In addition to the ping mechanic, I have a MASSIVE problem with subs firing at 20m depth. They should only be allowed to fire at surface ships at periscope depth, too bad you got spotted. Thats what happened in WWII.
  6. DeleteSSs

    ST 0.10.9, Changes to test ships

    You already nerfed Prinz Rupprecht AP on the 3rd of September. Why are you applying the same nerf again?
  7. DeleteSSs

    ​🚢 Update 0.10.9, Submarines, Next Steps

    I watched a SEA CC from KOREA it was ok-ish in SEA, but yeah good luck with submarines next week. also just reset my russain bbs this week too. now I have 1 week to grind back to Kremlin before meta is ded. “manage dcps - weegee, 2021”
  8. DeleteSSs

    ​🚢 Update 0.10.9, Submarines, Next Steps

    Loving how weegee is shafting the new German battlecruisers before they are even released. Yesyes a handful of dcps to deal with the historically accurate WWII supercavitating torpedoes. What happens if youre out? Back to port KEKSURE
  9. DeleteSSs

    Important message for the community

    Dont forget the new German battlecruisers dropping in 1 months time
  10. DeleteSSs

    Important message for the community

  11. DeleteSSs

    Interesting stuff on NA forums

    just like LWM pointed out WV1944 couldve shouldve been included in last years USN BB split. If anything, couldve shouldve been there in place of Kansas, firing USN SHAP shells. Im hoping all this testing with Connecticut they might release WV44 as a brawler kekw
  12. I got 1000 dubs from a random SC on the day it came out so I decided to try as well kekw (despite swearing I will not in support of LWM but since 2/3 was free I thought i'd try) NOPE. "It will take more than one event to win back the trust of your player base WG." I'll take a Musashi, Koing Albert, Alaska, Black, Belfast in my next 5 free SC thanks.
  13. Normally I'd be inclined agree but you've marked your stats as private. Bit of a hypocrite to say that about someone.
  14. This game does not need skill based MM. This game needs skill based segregation of the player base. Make a game mode where git gud in randoms is an entry requirement.