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  1. WG, It feels like you're trolling us. None of your customers woke up today and thought, "what I really want is ANOTHER reskinned Myoko packaged with regular premiums that have been freely available for ages." What we do want is a bigger window for Clan Battles and server parity with first availability of premium ships offered on sale. Seriously if you offer another reskinned Myoko as a Northern Dragon or Western Dragon... They better connect together like Voltron to form some crazy tier X mega cruiser. /Frustrated.
  2. @LordTyphoon. Thanks for the clarification and apology. Appreciate the sentiment of your post now, just flew over my head at the time cause I didn't read the sarcasm in it. Did you remember to vote in Spotter's poll?
  3. Wow. Elitism AND casual racism. Good for you.
  4. I'm just at a loss to understand their decision-making processes at the moment with Clan Battles and clans in general. Insufficient clan sizes, limiting or excluding ship types from accessing content, and to put icing on this infuriating cake.. a small window of game play availablity for a region that spans the largest global area. Cake... Now I'm hungry and mad.
  5. WG, Please do not exclude Australian, Japanese and New Zealand clans from participating in Clan Battles. Your current "prime time" is extremely late in those time zones and will prevent the vast majority of the player base competing. Please expand the window to allow us to access this content we have all been so patiently waiting for.
  6. Cheers Bob. It was a slow grind out of mediocrity and as you could imagine, my enjoyment of the game is directly proportional to my understanding of it. Now bring on 0.6.10 for the visual delights!
  7. Anyone can potato to any tier.. just depends on how willing they are to grind it out. Don't assume that they know what they are doing on their tier alone. Always assume the worst, till proven wrong. That way you will never be disappointed, just pleasantly surprised.
  8. The stock isn't 457mm it is 419mm. Configuration is as follows: It is just a placeholder I imagine, the game client will reflect the correct caliber when launched. 4x3 419mm or 4x2 457mm
  9. Honestly, before the communication wheel (which I proposed during Beta and which looks incredibly similar to my design... which I stole from LoL (ahh the nostalgia)) I found it hard to get wins up on the board on SEA as well. Yet when I look back, a lot of it was my own game. I had to swallow my pride and admit I just wasn't up to scratch. This is how I did it. 1. Don't Rage (I am still guilty of this from time to time but Potato Life is real) 2. Get yourself a local clan 3. Be critical of your own game and work on your weak points. 4. Do the research by watching community videos and review your stats. Things will improve. Trust me.
  10. Honestly, it greatly depends on your play style and the tier you are in. This IFHE meta isn't a great place for a BB with the sustained fire from Belfasts, Kutuzovs and alike. Therefore I highly recommend the synergy of Concealment and Fire prevention coupled with basics of survivability and high alert. Add this to the right flags and modules and you have a very tanky and stealthy headache for your enemy. Check out Flamu's channel for more information on the various builds and styles. I learned to value this combination in my Arkansas Beta.
  11. Greetings Fellow Captains, I thought I'd share my Tier VI Cleveland build I used during the CBT. The following worked extremely well for me. It maximises the Cleveland's offensive capabilities and introduces some surprising toughness. Very effective at engaging similar or higher tier ships and abusively OP against lower Tier. While the basic Cleveland is excellent, be sure to fully unlock it. Cleveland XP Unlocks 1 152mm/47 MK16 - 7200 XP +1.5 Rate of Fire, -10s Turret Turn Rate 2 Cleveland Hull (B) - 9800 XP +4700 HP, +2 AA mounts 3 MK6 mod 2 - 5500 XP +10% (1.3km) Main Battery Range Part 2 - Ship Outfitting Upgrades 1 Main Battery Modification 1 -20% Chance of Magazine Detention, -20% Chance of Critical Damage, -20% Repair Time 2 Gun Fire Control System 1 Increased Main Battery Accuracy*** 3 Damage Control Modification 1 -3% Chance of Flooding, -5% Chance of Fire 4 Damage Control Modification 2 -15% Flooding Recovery Time, -15% Fire Extinguishing Time Signals (Minimum) 1 Juliet Yankee Bissotwo -20% Flooding Recovery Time 2 India Yankee -20% Fire Extinguishing Time Camouflage Type 2 -4% Accuracy of Incoming Enemy Fire Consumables If you can, use level 2 consumables. They are a significant improvement over standard. One thing I will mention is, through personal experience, I have had more success with Defensive AA over Hydroacoustic Search. Using Defensive AA in coordination with other cruisers in a division is murderous on enemy torpedo and bomber aircraft (guaranteed Clear Skies). Part 3 - Commander Skills 1 Basic Fire Training (Secondary Armament) -10% Reload of Guns under 155mm, +10% AA efficiency*** 2 Aiming Expert (Artillery) +2.5 Degrees Per Second Aiming Speed of Guns up to 155mm 3 Ship Survivability (High Alert) -10% Reload Speed of Damage Control Party Consumable 4 Advanced Fire Training (Secondary Armament) +20% Firing Range of Guns up to 155mm, +20% AA Defensive Firing Range 5 Jack of All Trades (Special Skills) -10% Reload Speed of All Consumables Part 4 - Total Bonuses DISCLAIMER: I have added the individual bonuses, including ship upgrades, to give a total accumulative bonus in each area. I would like to point out that I am not an expert on game mechanics to be certain the bonuses stack this way. However, from general game play it would appear they are. I am happy for anyone to correct me otherwise, if only to add complete legitimacy of this build. Main Battery Bonuses -20% Chance of Magazine Detention -20% Chance of Critical Damage -20% Repair Time +2.5 Degrees Per Second Aiming +30% Firing Range of Main Battery Increased Main Battery Accuracy*** +1.5 Rate of Fire 10% Reload of Guns under 155mm Secondary Battery +20% Firing Range of Guns up to 155mm AA Bonuses +2 AA mounts +10% AA efficiency* +20% AA Defensive Firing Range -10% Defensive AA Fire Reload Speed -10% Catapult Fighter Reload Speed Ship Survivability Bonuses +4700 HP -4% Accuracy of Incoming Enemy Fire -3% Chance of Flooding -5% Chance of Fire -35% Flooding Recovery Time -35% Fire Extinguishing Time -20% Damage Control Party Reload Time *** These Bonuses do not supply forthright information about their tangible values. I hope this has been informative. If you have any questions, suggestions or corrections, please don't hesitate to leave a comment below. See you on the high seas. Cheers, Ormos_AU "pew pew"
  12. I have moved the guide to the sub folder.
  13. Hi Guys, Just a quick note. Is the 203mm turret and barrel size on the New Orleans proportional? I ask, because if you compare them to the Baltimore and Des Moines, they are significantly larger in all dimensions. Cheers, Ormos_AU "pew pew"
  14. Hi Guys, Just a quick question on the Main Battery Gun Fire Control Module; can anyone quantify how much of an increase this module produces? I have experimented with it and found no discernible improvements to my chance to hit. Every other module has a value attached to it. I'm curious why this one doesn't. Cheers.
  15. Hi Guys, The Asian server is easily the most diverse of all the communities this game has cultivated, or indeed will ever cultivate. Therefore, having an easy to understand and quick functioning command system is essential for turning this diversity into a cohesive player base. I enjoy the different cultures and tactical thinking that brings - it keeps the game fresh. My suggestion is to incorporate a command/ping wheel similar to League of Legends. I am aware this topic has been raised but I wanted to emphasise the fundamental importance it will have in getting the players to cooperate more effectively from launch. Speed, decisiveness, and continuous and effective communication win games. A battle-group working in harmony within their uniquely defined roles is a joy to behold and incredibly effective. Here is a mock up of one I prepared earlier: Each ping would have a unique tone and mini-map icon that will highlight the area targeted and its originator. Pings can be capped per minute to reduce deliberate overuse. Additionally: Will we ever see spectating for WOWS games, or for that matter, a pro-league? Cheers