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  1. Mr_Poi_Fish

    Atlanta Cleveland AA

    Could be a balance thing. But then why does the Omaha, Phoenix, Nicholas, Wyoming, Pensacola, Colorado, Ranger even the t1 Erie all get 2.5km range on it? While the Benson, Atlanta and Cleveland only get 2km range for guns of the same calibre and type?
  2. Mr_Poi_Fish

    Secondary Armament aim heading

    This is normal. Nothing new there.
  3. Mr_Poi_Fish

    Atlanta Cleveland AA

    Ok I'm not sure where to put this post.. first time on the forums.. couldn't help but notice that the Atlanta and the Cleveland 28mm AA guns have 2km range while on the Pensacola and Omaha and afew other ships the same 28mm AA guns have 2.5km range. is this a bug?