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    "playing too good" is a crime!

    they have a boxed talking in the match and they has my name on it, just make me wonder how shit in those boxed it could be if anyone can read it

    "playing too good" is a crime!

    people just hated me cus i snipe their CV + blind snipe another CV as well and don't eat their fish i have no wonder why i take a long break from many online games, there're too much noob and toxic than i could handle 20201211_142731_PJSB509-Musashi_16_OC_bees_to_honey.wowsreplay

    i love this Easter egg

    there's something WG want to tell us but they can't do it directly guess what . . . .

    ST, changes to the commander skills system

    so you can use commander skills set 1 at a time depends on ship class, if I have Smolensk and Minotaur I need to use the cruiser skillset but most of them are useless for those ships compare to DD skillset that is more useful to them and to those large cruisers they also useless if compare to BB skillset.


    WG be like this.

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.9.6

    just click over there

    What is difference of KITAKAZE and HARUGUMO

    harugumo able to eat full penetration damage from large AP shells

    Soviet Directives

    300! It's three hundred!

    This update is a buggy mess

    did customer service available? many time i try to contract them age ago there are just bots.

    This update is a buggy mess

    they just rob all ship xp away from drake when i log out for 5 hours


    WellGreedy : botters are not ours priority but the money is i'm sure them will do something about those bots such as "ignore"

    WG Charity : More Expensive than Puerto Rico

    What you can get for donating On December 14, we will begin taking donations that will go directly towards the campaign, meaning donations made in the time between then and the end of the stream will qualify you for rewards. When you are donating at our link below, you will have the ability to choose which reward you want to get, as long as the amount donated is equal to or higher than the "price" of the chosen item. During this time, you can give at the minimum the suggested donation, tied to the individual reward. Apart from the satisfaction of having helped a good cause, here are some of the more tangible rewards that you can claim: Torpedo plushes. Signed posters. Rare ship bundles, including the likes of VII Belfast , IX Missouri , or V Kamikaze. Division time with Contributors. Commander packs. Exclusive event permacamos. this might be best chance to get them but look at the price 200 usd on donate. only rich boi can do that but at least those money will save children. me:
  13. want a naval simulator? go play warthunder then.
  14. i has report them here. in-game report is just a fun stuff when you want to make some one angry. and i want to know that our reports is working or not if WG banned those bot then where the baning list? if not why we need to keep report them for? more way to report might be good if it really work out.
  15. just wanna asking because lately i found lot of bot players in T7-T9 battles. i have report many of them in forums but i feels they numbers just decress a bit. all WG do is just wait for players come and report them, just a passive job. WG never told what will happen to those bot that has been verified no list of name that has been banned or something. our reports is really working? or just keep reports for not thing. why WG don't try to go out and hunt them some time might be better than wait for reports.