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  1. Ellinia

    ASIA Q&A, round 2

    When will CV remake? You said that it is coming soon after some UI fixed in 0.6.3 It's going to 0.6.6 now! and do you see avg. win rate of saipay ? it's 60%, pay to win?
  2. Ellinia

    FenrirApalis' End of Year Contest!

    Total Point : 210 Points 25/12/2016 | Total : 33 Points First Blood x 2 = 4 points Dreadnought x 1 = 3 points Devastating strike x 2 = 2 points Confederate x 2 = 8 points Kraken Unleashed x 2 = 12 points High Caliber x1 = 4 points 26/12/2016 | Total : 69 Points Witherer x 4 = 20 points Confederate x 3 = 12 points Close Quarters Expert x 1 = 2 points First Blood x 2 = 4 points It's Just a Flesh Wound x 2 = 4 points Kraken Unleashed x 1 = 6 points Arsonist x 3 = 9 points High Caliber x 1 = 4 points Devastating strike x 2 = 2 points Dreadnought x 2 = 6 points 27/12/2016 | Total : 30 Points Witherer x 1 = 5 points Confederate x 2 = 8 points First Blood x 3 = 6 points Arsonist x 1 = 3 points Devastating strike x 3 = 3 points Dreadnought x 1 = 3 points Fireproof x 1 = 2 points 28/12/2016 | Total : 9 Point Dreadnought x 1 = 3 points Fireproof x 1 = 2 points High Caliber x1 = 4 points 29/12/2016 | Total : 12 Points Witherer x 1 = 5 points Confederate x 1 = 3 points Arsonist x 1 = 4 points 30/12/2016 | Total : 17 Points Witherer x 1 = 5 points Dreadnough x 3 = 9 points First Blood x 1 = 2 points Devastating strike = 1 point 31/12/2016 | Total : 40 Points Witherer x 3 = 15 points First Blood x 1 = 2 points High Caliber x 3 = 12 points Dreadnough x 2 = 6 points Devastating strike x 1 = 1 point Confederate x 1 = 4 points 1/1/2017 | Total : 0 Point I'm lazy today.
  3. Ellinia

    ST Recruitment Round 4 Questions Thread

    Do co-op battle count? Example: If I Tier 6 Japan ships in Random Battle, and Tier 6 U.S.A. ships in Co-op Battle. Can I apply to be a supertester?
  4. Yeah, it's three weeks. I think they planed this issue for three weeks. It was not sure at that time. I don't want to casually complained.... And it is write this in Traditional Chinese web pages the first time (Edited) It is now determined, so now we come to complain.... Non English, Post Edited, User Warned ~lengxv6
  5. They just posted an announcement about 0.5.9 patch in official website Announcement The announcement writed some message about skill reset with situational awareness being incorporated. Yes, we all won't get a full skill reset, they even say that repear skill is popular...... So, they give you this useless skill(I think this skill is only useful on BB) if SA skill is the only 1st-tier skill taken by your commander, But... Has WG thought about 18 point skill of commander? They are hard to adjust this "only 1 point" reset from SA skill Example, those two are my 18 point commanders from Taiho and Zao. How can I use the "1 point" reset from SA skill in those commanders? My Zao commander can only choose "Expert Rear Gunner" skill. My Taiho commander can only choose "Expert Loader" skill. I only can choose a completely useless skill or waste a point in those commander Yeah, they say a lot.... I don't know how many people will believe this reason. They just need say this I think. "We want to earn your money for reset skill, or you will waste a point at that"
  6. I asked the same question last month. Because we are playing in a stepmother server In 4 main servers, Asia server is the only one server which don't have repair discount from June. However, it look like we still don't have this discount in July. What does WG hope in Asia server? Do you think that we are richer than other server? lol.... Maybe I should forget this game or move to other server. It's so sad in Asia server... Loot at the port 20% discount event, do you know it's 50% discount in other server...
  7. Kamikaze R? I remeber that they changed their plan finally in NA server and EU server. Everyone who get 260 pearls in Project R will get a free Kamikaze R... And if someone can't reach 260 pearls, he also can reach 150 pearls for a Kamikaze R in a lottery... umm...We got Kamikaze R by 145 pearls but we earn simply a little pearl by the mission in the beginning of time... Most of the people still need to complete continually the mission for four weeks
  8. Sorry, it's ok now? cuz I copied and pasted some words from elsewhere, forgetting to change it
  9. From EU Official Website 01 June-01 August: Tiers VIII-X global repair costs 25% discount From NA Official Website June 1-July 1: Reduced RepairsReduced repair costs for tier VII-X ships! And I can't see any event for June in Asia server? umm, By the way, I got a joke, "[Premium Shop] Battle Packs: June" In this topic,"Battle pack: Premium account 30 days times", What's this? 10,000 doubloons 22,500,000 credits Premium account : 30 days Those for 99.99 $ ok, and we can see another package is permanent sold. "Deep sea treasure" 13,000 doubloons 30,000,000 credits Those for 99.99 $ We can buy Premium account 30 days in the game by 2500 doubloons If I buy this "Premium account 30 days times" package, I will lose 7500000 credits and 500 doubloons wowwwwww It's really is a joke for this package.
  10. Ellinia

    Ohh is this real? more nerf?

    What those IJN DDs can do? A more aggressive gameplay style, WG said
  11. Ellinia

    0.5.6 Patchnotes (NA=May25)

    Congratulation! Wargaming is successful for kill IJN Destroyer player and all Aircraft carrier player. IJN Destroyer has been weak compared to USS Destroyer and USSR Destroyer in 0.5.5, and we can not see any buff for IJN Destroyer in 0.5.6. Instead, see IJN Destroyer is nerfed again. Aircraft Carrier? Which path is buff Aircraft Carrier since 0.4.0? Aircraft Carrier is nerf again and again since 0.4.0. It's now still keeping buff AA guns for killing Aircraft Carrier players. So, i think and believe that, WG is never listeningto top players, and no anyone is the top players is in this balance team. Balance team of Wargaming is even never playing high tier battle, and it almost whole is playing low tier's noob. Well, I believe that troll divison with Umikaze or Minekaze for Tier X room is better then divison with Kagero or Shimakaze now
  12. Ellinia

    社群領袖計畫 - 實況主

    遊戲ID: Ellinia 直播ID: t73697 平均觀眾數: 30 直播頻道連結: http://www.twitch.tv/t73697