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  1. MaftyNavue

    1/350 German Battleship Bismarck

    thanks guys, currently still have yamato and warspite still in box, will post if it's already finished ;) I like the T6 warspite, hope can buy it in the future (I mean in game lol)
  2. MaftyNavue

    1/350 German Battleship Bismarck

    Not really know where to post this will try to post here my first ship modelkit works and a little tribute to world of warships, enjoy T8 German Battleship Bismarck
  3. MaftyNavue

    Arpeggio Scenario Mission

    also vote for this, we need more variate game modes with more unique gameplay and possibly make the use of arpeggio collaboration
  4. weather or night battle, lots of new equipment will be used, like signal flare or searchlight
  5. MaftyNavue

    [CONTEST] Ocean Mine Sweeper #6

  6. MaftyNavue

    [CONTEST] Ocean Mine Sweeper #5

  7. MaftyNavue

    [CONTEST] Ocean Mine Sweeper #5

  8. MaftyNavue

    WWII Ship naming conventions

    so DKM is actually not needed? btw what is DKM stands for? I only know some Kriegsmarine's ships use DKM
  9. MaftyNavue

    battlecruisers and battleships: my thoughts

    but pocket battleship has torpedos right? but if i'm not mistaken late bismarck also has torpedo right?
  10. MaftyNavue


    So, no news about Italian ship? Personally I like Littorio
  11. MaftyNavue

    Introduction thread

    Hi, I'm new here hope we can sail together someday
  12. MaftyNavue

    New Game Modes?

    Wow really? the AI must be good hahaha Yea, that would be a problem too, but well I think actually I want it more like a situational map rather than historical, so they have a set of what kind of ship that can you use. Hahaha, but that would be messy, a 10 BB Free for all
  13. MaftyNavue

    New Game Modes?

    Hello, I have an Idea about new game mode even though I'm not a beta tester, but I saw many of world of warship videos at youtube so I have some in my mind Here some of them: Scenario Mode maybe some like mission mode, which is have different winning condition for each team, like Team A winning condition is to make at least one supply ship arrive at X safely, while Team B winning condition is about prevent it. Or something like Team A must defend harbour and Team B must capture the harbour by destroying defense point in the harbour? Historical Mode Like reenact the battle situation at WWII, like Battle of Midway while they have pre condition slot for each team ship, for example IJN should have 4 carrier, 2 battleship, etc (something like that) Co-Op Mode well this one influenced by popular Kancolle games, when all of the player killing some strong AI group (well can be another ship, ridiculously higher stat monster/alien ship) which must have a planning ahead to win That some of my idea, anyone here has same idea like mine?