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    not playing again till aircraft fixed

    Totally agree CV's now break the high tier game. Sorry to say great game spoiled by CV rework. On the one hand ... I love playing the CV and spamming destroyers who are trying to carry their team. On the other hand... I hate playing against the CV's especially if my team is down a few ships. The enemy CV can just keep coming back and wear my ship down. It appears to me that a full AA spec CA seems to be helpless so what can a DD or BB do. They get unlimited planes - I get limited hp / defensive fire. And why do I need to totally respec my captains to deal with planes ignoring the other skills that I use. CV's used to be hard to play and rare. They were powerful but at least they had limited planes. How many times did the CV get to the late game and only have 1 or 2 strike aircraft left and then have no choice but resort to a spotting role. Game ruined - no longer fun - wont be renewing my premium account for the first time in 3 years - sorry but this is no longer fun at higher tiers.
  3. Hi Game locks up twice now on 7.9 when opening containers. First time getting 2000XP Second time after 5 stars win on operation dynamo.