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  1. Seems you dont know she could only choose between smoke and rader,rather both you can bring at the same time.And,poor armor ofcause,like every other rn cl,her 13mm hull means can be easily killed by other ca.Meanwhile,as a cl she even has worse flexibility than ca.However she is still in test,for now its too early to judge.
  2. momotxdi

    You can only carry so much

    Change a angel ,if you are in a good team ,you might cant torps even 100k??So relax ,everyone will have such a time ,you are not always lose like this ,do you ?
  3. momotxdi

    Ranked Battles. A success story.

    But It's still a hard job ,67%!I was really shocked ,I know another player (id :kawasumimai ,not his account ,he just played ),imo,which is the best player (no' one of '),even he couldn't keep such high wr ,However you have to agree his statistics better than deathskyz (deathskyz also play well ,plz don't misunderstand my mean )Maybe as a noob ,I can learn sth from their wr and average damage ,find the balance even better idea .
  4. momotxdi

    Ranked Battles. A success story.

    You really did well ,but I wonder how you can keep such high wr
  5. Premium ships always the best whether you play well or not ,I have a murmansk ,with Premium account and flags ,once I earnd 10million credit a day .
  6. momotxdi

    Buffalo, USN Tier 10 CA

    I think she is cl rather ca,like a tier x cleveland (but 203 arch can't be like 127aa guns ,same with baltimore I guess )and I don't think she will be a pri ship ,maybe a award like kitakami ?However ,weeks ago I have seen the screenshot ,she might be a drawing shi.p
  7. momotxdi

    best times for high tier battles

    oh if you want to match ocean ,you can play rank battle ,about 50%,though only for t5-8,better than nothing right ?btw ,as a ca player ,I think ocean is unfriendly .However ,dd love it ,and then bb
  8. momotxdi

    WoWs X Arpeggio of blue steel Discussion

    wg did ,but that was months ago ,and several players made a mod which conclude skins even clein field :)
  9. momotxdi

    what is the best ship to keep in port?

    Well I only have US CA and ijn bb ,so IMO ,low tier :omaha (if you have murmansk just ignore it ) cleveland ,kongo or fuso (I prefer fuso ) high tier es miones (this version not easy to play )amagi ,yamato
  10. momotxdi

    MM is broken for T4 BBs

    Never make team with the same type of ships unless you are all tier x
  11. momotxdi

    how skill 'incoming fire alert' work?

    I'm not sure ,sometimes when I'm in a fleet receive incoming fire ,actually the shell is attack my alliance which just near me
  12. momotxdi

    It's time to buff des moines

    Iprefer make damage as much as I can ,so actually ijn ca more suitable for me ,and I have atago too .However I still love US CA
  13. momotxdi

    It's time to buff des moines

    lol,Maybe I need to sugguest them :if you just want to aa for cv ,keep playing US CA _(:3 」∠)_
  14. momotxdi

    It's time to buff des moines

    wg's minsk shipyard lol
  15. momotxdi

    It's time to buff des moines

    but when she faces bb...pensa =devastating strike