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  1. Magekov

    Friend Beta Codes

    you need to get a invite code yourself cuz everyone tried they're best to a invite code. stay online from this forum, so you can get a chance to win a contest or take the give away. PS : i nearly won the contest but someone type the coordination of the contest already.
  2. Derpiest Battleship - Yamato - Yamato's only weakness is another Yamato LEL

  3. Well i agree with you Tis a shame that players do such thing and i didn't see Kirishima and Haruna on Dev. Diaries is it updated? is there Kirishima and Haruna now?
  4. Magekov


    Why? Submarines are awesome. ^u^
  5. For some! Like Call Of Duty Multiplayers can Camo and Make Player Logo from they're weapons. why not give a Bigger Weapon Some Camo and Custom Logo? you can make a texture of any stylist Camo or why not let the players make they're own DIY Camo. now Player Logo would be helpful for players to identify "what faction or guild they are?", "who is this person?" or "why is this guy/girl so artistic?". if they are drawing are so unusual? like P................ Banned them or give them a warning.
  6. Magekov


    Though Submarines are to OP (Overpowered) because Submarines can Dodge Shells and Torpedoes easy, also they can aim so easily and they're only using Torpedoes Maybe Missile too, and last they're very stealthy. Red text. Post edited, user warned. ~amade Sorry about that amade. i have problem typing that's all ~jackjackboivin PS - please Don't Ban me
  7. my minecraft has been hacked

  8. Magekov

    Minecraft Fleet of Warships

    but not playable?
  9. Magekov

    Minecraft Fleet of Warships

    that means ......... (/ToT\) My Sweet Takao... Wuaaaah.... Wuawua WUAAAAAH
  10. Magekov

    Minecraft Fleet of Warships

    They said in Youtube There are no Takao at WoWs. is that true? and Kayneth do you mean the site where i get the pic? http://seiga.nicovideo.jp/seiga/im3823977
  11. I've been wondering. if there's a Warship Mods with alot of Warship? Tell me. oh and i saw this minecraft creation from japanese Forum
  12. i love Far Cry 3 and 4

  13. Little RP At minecraft. Making a Fleet of IJN Ships and Fleet of USS Ships then Putting some TnT Cannon

  14. Magekov

    WoWs Requirements?

    I'll go for the PC cause it has AMD Catalyst but the problem is my PC is a S%$^ it's has only 30GB 76% Used but my laptop has 354GB 9% Used but dont have AMD
  15. Before i play this game what system do i require? to my laptop Processor : Intel® Celeron® CPU 1005M @ 1.90GHz 1.90GHz RAM : 2.00 System type : 64 to my PC Processor : Same RAM : 4.00 System Type : Same