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  1. BANDlTO

    Graff Spee - How much in credit is she worth?

    I ended up just buying Graf spree lol , the missions got tedious
  2. BANDlTO

    THinking about selling up!

    I had to edit Op because it was boarder line
  3. BANDlTO

    THinking about selling up!

    Was sitting here thinking how much ive spent on this free to download game , and its an absolute laugh how much has been spent , So i was thinking about how much ive spent , and now thinking about how much have you spent? EULA violation. Thread locked, user sanctioned. ~amade
  4. i have 70odd ships , premium , and am currently taking vaigra in my hands , and im still only just got up to the faragut mission
  5. BANDlTO

    What? only 500000?

    Will use the Zulu flag!
  6. BANDlTO

    I think I'm at my limit

    i Div with him , relax , call me poor , or you must think he only DIv with you ..... lmao
  7. i got 1 commander present , got awarded 2 ships in the same present
  8. BANDlTO

    I think I'm at my limit

    credit card warrior haha
  9. sized them up , the FDG out powers the Iowa hands down , not sure what all the other shit is you guys been smoking
  10. I love her , shes a beast of burden , she can walk through the other T9 counterparts , she is more powerful , better armor , better secondaries to any other ship , i have used it a bi , and love its Tiger feel, float into any ship and provided you stay out of torpedo range , she will run over them and ONTO VICTORY!
  11. you can buy the containers? where ive never seen them for sale before
  12. BANDlTO

    Gameplay experience

    SEA is overflowing with noob BB players , get in with a good division , or hang out in the balls out Divs
  13. BANDlTO

    tier by tier your favourite ships

    T1 - None T2 - Umikaze T3 - Konig Albert T4 - Nikolai I T5 - Konig T6 - Fubuki/Arizona T7 - Scharnorst/Gneis T8 - Bizmark/Tirpitz T9 - Fred T10 - Shimikaze/ Kurfurst