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    [WoWS Random Moments] All Skill, No Luck

    Episode 3 is up. well if you are ever in any doubt about selling your Belfast because of the nerf, well, you know what my answer is...

    FRENZY II - VII – Shiratsuyu Submissions

    I also have a couple of questions: 1. If I get an even higher score next time during the event, can I delete this one and post the higher DMG one here as my updated entry? 2. Only games that happened within the event period are allowed to participate, am I correct? Thanks

    [WoWS Random Moments] All Skill, No Luck

    New episode of the All Skill No Luck series is up. Please do check it out.

    [WoWS Random Moments] All Skill, No Luck

    Hello all, I just wanna drop by and promote my short video that I did about a quite amusing moment in one of my random WoWS game. I'm still new at making this so I hope you guys can tell me how can I improve or something (since I plan to do more of this just for fun). Hope you enjoy. Tier 9 Yuugumo Gameplay (?) Map: Trap

    T10 ships should not be put against lower tiers!

    That's the point of the tier system. Higher tiers should be stronger than their lower tier counterparts Tho there are cases where people prefer the Iowa over the Montana for the speed, and would advise you to stop at the Iowa and don't bother with the Montana. But mostly that's up to one's personal preferences (like I'd rather be in my Amagi in a tierX game than in Izumo).

    Akizuki: How do you not suck in it?

    If someone would kindly donate me the doubloons needed for the IGN change, then I'll happily oblige A bit of info regarding my IGN: The Akizukis ae pretty high up in my list of likable destroyers, but not my top 1. Tho I kinda relate to having a sort of morale booster before the start of the match, looking at something like this always calms me down Anyways, so back to topic. The HE on the Aki, even with HE, seems to still struggle with dealing damage on the superstructures of BBs, as I get, like, 40% non-penetrations on superstructure hits. Ofc I'm sticking to HE until I get a fire done, which is hard because of IFHE. Well, at least her HE won't be useless. And oh yeah, I have come across Fletchers and Gearings on this ship multiple times, and I have heard the "myths" that she can outright beat both on a gunfight. Until now, I have not seen the theory being put into practiced, as I am most of the time, had drawn the shorter stick on those encounters. Maybe because HE deals low normal damage and AP is situational. Can she really "melt Gearings"? I'd like to see a video of that.

    Akizuki: How do you not suck in it?

    I had a horrible weekend. I played the Akizuki 6 times, and had 6 losses. I kept urging myself to get that first win bonus, but after 2 hours of incompetence, I finally got myself to quit and call it a day. I slept with much regret. So, to play Akizuki, I must embrace stealth-firing? With a 1km buffer to stealth fire, it's pretty hard to do (again, I don't have AFT). Tho it's good to know that the problem isn't the ship, but me, so that's something to look up to. Now, the question is, how much more would my WR suffer until I do decent in her? Because my stubbornness is only matched by my inability to realize a lost cause.
  8. I'm posting this because I want to improve, and stop being a liability to my team. I can't make the Akizuki (the duck) work. I just for the life of me can't make her work. My recent WR is sinking because of her, and I feel bad for my allies whenever I queue up and fail to do my part. My WR with the duck is a pathetic 27% (it's ok to laugh, I'd laugh as well). And I come here searching for some ways to improve, so I hope you take me seriously and refrain from the generic "git gud" comments. I main the IJN DD line (more specifically, the torpboat line). I find the passive spray and pray playstyle to be relaxing and engaging at the same time, and do quite OK with it (I was certain that I'm gonna hate the Kagero when she replaced Buki, but she felt surprisingly pleasant). I tried a bunch of ways to play the duck work. My experience are as follows: 1. Agressive and early cap. Engine boost to cap. Spot enemy DD. Engage. Gun him down. This failed miserably because often times, I get focused on by the enemies, and the duck being the slow unmaneuverable ship that she is, gets melted very fast. The concealment on the duck is something I'm not used to (something I took for granted on the other IJN DDs), so I get spotted first. I smoke up, they torp my smoke, and I have a very short game. Plan B then. 2. Play passive torpedoboat style. I don't even aim for caps early on. I stick right at cruiser range and see if there's someone I can torp. I quickly find this ineffective since I get to do next to nothing and my team would effectively lose 1 destroyer. Her torpedo armament is pretty weak with 4 torpedoes, torp reload boost notwithstanding. 3. Play as an oversized Atlanta, what ever that means. Abuse islands. Kemp smoke. Pew pew pew. Forget about early caps and burn down BBs. Use AP on broadside targets. It's ok, but highly situational. Plus kemping on smoke would get you torped, and with your BB level turing circle, doing torpedobeats is hard So, now I don't have any idea how to play her. BTW I have a 14pt captain on this ship (Preventive Maintenance, Last Stand, DE, IFHE and CE). I can't stealth fire comfortable yet since I don't have AFT, and I chose CE over AFT for that extra concealment, which is still below Benson-level I believe. So, how do you Akizuki? Thanks
  9. The same reason as Zao having the lowest HP in the cruisers of the same tier BalansTM Sorry, I got nothing. NO buffs are happening this year so that's something to look forward to I guess.

    A way to balance RDF/Keen Intuition

    Well that's unavoidable, but yeah it happens in dota2 glyph management as well. Players just gonna have to learn to use it when you really need to and not just because you can. I know that it's a rather demanding task for a supposedly "team-oriented game", but I can see it happening. I mean, the average player wouldn't necessarily smoke up if a friendly already had his own smoke deployed in the area, right? Again, I have no better alternative to the current RPF except for the one I stated, and removing the skill entirely.

    A way to balance RDF/Keen Intuition

    I have this idea. Basically what makes RPF game breaking is the fact that: 1. Infinite range 2. Infinite duration 3. Real time 4. No skill involved These 4 aspects, along with the skill itself makes it a very "skill-less wallhack" that could be used by everyone. My suggestion: Tweak one or more of these factors to make it more "skill-dependent". If you ever played Dota2, you would be familiar with the "Scan" ability on the minimap. It tells you whether or not there's a hero in a sector you're targeting, but doesn't tell you how many or where they are heading, or their overall stats. I'm thinking of something similar. I can imagine it as a consumable, with infinite charges, but with a cooldown. What it does on activation is that it allows you to target a 2x2 sector on the minimap, and tells you whether or there's an enemy in that area, regardless of being spotted or not. It will not tell you about the bearing, or how many enemies are in the area. It will just tell you that there is an enemy there. Last for 10 seconds. In that way, it could eliminate the problem on the original skill having infinite range and duration. It also involve some sort of skill to use. The cooldown can be 3 minutes or something. Although there would be coordinated teams that could exploit this feature and light up the entire map, so I think there should be a 30second delay between uses as to not abuse this mechanic. I mean, that's my suggestion at least. At least I think it's something less game breaking than what we currently have.

    IJN OP and has more ships

    Oh boy another rant... *reads comments* Strangely enough, I don't find this thread salty enough. You kinda remind me of a guy I met in an FB group who would always play the history card whenever there's a "USN vs IJN" argument: "America won the war so IJN ships were trash in real life and should be inferior to USN ships in every single way. WG is IJN bias." P.S. I disagree with his logic, so don't flame me ok?

    More nerfs needed for Mutsuki

    Dude, I think you forgot to put a "/s" tag in your comment.

    Love Secret Santa

    I actually went and bought myself a couple of $5 presents. The first one contains a Texas and the 2nd an Ichizuchi. Two premiums for $10 But I wanted an Atago

    Love Secret Santa

    All I want for Christmas is a shiny new Atago to go with my IJN fleet. Would I have better chances of getting it with the $3 ones over the $5 ones under the same budget? And also, thanks amade (can't multiquote on mobile) for that tip.