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  1. So, yesterday, I bought 2 Admiral's Presents and I got these things: - Prinz Eugen - 35 Ocean Soul camouflages That was pretty lucky man, it saved 30 dollars from my wallet.
  2. It's removed after the CBT phrase ended. You can see it appearing during the CBT phrase in this video: But I wonder, what is the "Tactics" tab for?
  3. Cloudimuziq

    wg, how long it gonna take u to fix this?

    Behold the power of the tier 1 cruiser, Hashidate!
  4. Cloudimuziq

    12 Tier 1's versus 1 Tier 10

    I want all of the ships being controlled by professional players.
  5. Cloudimuziq

    12 Tier 1's versus 1 Tier 10

    I would like to see what happens if 6 Hashidate's and 6 Erie's fight a Midway. Since they are all WWII warships, this must be interesting. Also please tell me how would the battle be. I'll tell you my prediction about the battle later. *Edit: The battle should be PvP, and all of the ships should be controlled by professional players.
  6. I think this idea should cover up the disadvantages of the HP-based survivability. No one wants to fight in a ship with ~900HP with a high chance of getting shot (this apply even to destroyers). Ok, and now about the destroyers: They aren't too annoying. If you don't get too close to them, know well how to avoid getting hit by torpedoes, and shoot accurately, they are most likely to be sunk by you. Some salvos should send them to the bottom of the sea.
  7. I don't enjoy continue fighting in a cruiser/destroyer with around 900 HP after being damaged a lot. If I go back into the battlefield, I can't do anything because I'm usually shot down before being able to do something. Trying to avoid some shots from enemies isn't enough. Getting hit from 1-2 shell(s) is a normal thing. Also, aircraft carriers will need them, too. It should save a CV's life when she's being attacked using shells, or when she got away with the first time being attacked, but needs preparation for a second one. However, the consumable shouldn't restore too much of a ship's HP. That would make it overpowered. Restoring about 15% of a ship's HP would be the best.
  8. 1. Running the game directly from download file & using Wine: 2. Running the game through PlayOnLinux: -Average FPS: 0,5-1 FPS -PC Spec (Desktop): 4GB DDR3 GTX 750 TI Pentium G3250 (Haswell) -OS: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
  9. Aftermath of a crazy battle between Anti-malware softwares and Malwares: Internet Explorer is required to open Internet Explorer. Note: IEXPLORE.EXE is Internet Explorer's actual file name.
  10. Cloudimuziq

    will blyskawica return to premium shop?

    I saw Bismarck in the game files during the CBT period. If it's not a premium ship, then why isn't it available in the tech tree?
  11. http://www.amazon.com/2-33GHz-Intel-1333MHz-Socket-LGA771/dp/B001PPZTFK/ref=pd_sim_sbs_147_5?ie=UTF8&dpID=213BEIZo%2B-L&dpSrc=sims&preST=_AC_UL160_SR160%2C160_&refRID=19E53FKT0AE85A39Z39K My comment: "$2.00 + $4.95 shipping " The shipping fee is even more expensive than the product's price itself. "2 new from $2.00". "1 used from $5.00". "1 refurbished from $20.00". -So, this product still have a new variant, and the used & refurbished variant is even more expensive than the new variant. And what about you? What do you think about this?* *I hope you won't say you can't afford this.
  12. My point is to see if many people are really enjoying anime, manga here. And about the premium consumables for warships, torpedo markers, real-time minimaps in WW2, torpedo aim assist, Myogi, Phoenix, Montana etc, yes, they aren't real, but it improved our gameplay a lot, also we are able to use warships that people never used in real life.